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"Olympic Games marriage is celebrated " engulf home appliance market

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A few days ago, as the arrival of Beijing Olympic Games, the marriage that is a delegate with microwave oven celebrates home appliance consumption to warm up ahead of schedule, especially of 800 yuan of above in the choice that high-end microwave oven makes a lot of newly-married consumer.

Sell a controller to divulge according to concerning, "High-grade Ge Lanshi ' China is red ' oven of microwave oven, report, first quarter clinch a deal quantity relatively the corresponding period grew nearly 80% last year, its flourishing is sold basically is attributed to marry decorate bridal chamber, what consumer apt chooses elegant style is medium high-end home appliance. " report of statistic of 2007 year investigation also shows Zhong Yikang, retail the situation of development of market of high-end microwave oven of 800 yuan of above is favorable, maintain the amplitude of 71.06% , and retail the growth that there also are two digits in the electromagnetism furnace of 400 yuan of above. "Cooperate consumer to favor microwave oven regards beatific gift as upsurge of this one consumption, we also specially essence is carried fine the model that chose a few to suit newly-married young couple to use, its concentration is displayed boldly, try " China writtens guarantee " and " happy happy event " paper-cut is dressed up, configured the gift that suits newly-married situation, got of a lot of consumer love, " electric equipment sells the concerned controller of field to tell a reporter.

Chen Gang of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese home appliance thinks: From consumption demand looks, the additional cost expression of high-end microwave oven is mixed in the function culture of two respects add, newly-married family suited on the function convenient to using the requirement with taste diversity, exterior of the red on culture the festive atmosphere that special be identical marries, this makes demand of high value microwave oven lasts since this year exuberant. "Compare in 500 yuan of the following single function microwave oven with the price, the high value microwave oven with this kind of all ready function was offerred to consumer a series of appreciation serves, it is on the function former multiple, so many 3, 500, consumer often feels more economical, additional, contain anion function and the air conditioning fan that add wet function more welcome also, " some home appliance sells a manager to tell a reporter.

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