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How to avoid home appliance radiate

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Television: When watching TV, best can be apart from a television 3 meters of above, close machine hind to be far from a television instantly.

Microwave oven: When use microwave oven, should notice to leave stove at least 0.5 meters of above, the eye does not look at furnace door, cannot be before furnace long station. After food is taken out from inside furnace, had better put a few minutes to eat again first.

Computer: Electromagnetic wave happens at computer (the CRT computer that points to convention) reach before from the back. Computer screen will be radiative give anion, switch on the mobile phone instantaneous electromagnetism radiate is the biggest, should grant to keep away from.

Electric heat blanket: Be equivalent to an electromagnetism field, although shut switch, still can disturb the natural electric field inside body, the biggest to the harm of pregnant woman, children, old person, ying Shen is used.

At ordinary times domesticity should notice not to put the electric equipment in the home too concentration, make oneself are exposed in exceeding dosage radiant crises. Wait for electric equipment like radio, television, freezer, unfavorable concentration is put in the bedroom. All sorts of electric home appliances

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