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Air conditioning is common 4 kinds " ill " how to prevent properer

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Phenomenon one: Air conditioning outputs inadequacy
1, whether is air admission hole shut;
2, condenser coil and carbon fin are clean;
3, the refrigerant in the system is enough;
4, it is normal whether air-blower electric machinery works;
5, air-blower passageway whether block;
6, core of the filter that take energy of life whether block;
7, evaporator whether block.
1, if high-pressured watch shows normal pressure, and low-pressure watch shows maximum pressure, breakdown of the by-pass valve of adjuster of demonstrative evaporator pressure, steam, throttle that take energy of life or attune;
2, if eduction is empty air temperature is higher, and directive of pressure meter pressure is normal, or tall, low pressure increases somewhat, expand block of mesh of a powerful person;
3, if high pressure expresses a directive to exceed normal pressure, low-pressure watch is indicated under press Wu normally, and receive desiccator and pipeline to freeze, receive desiccator mesh block;
4, if high pressure expresses a directive to exceed normal pressure, the likelihood in the system has overmuch humidity. If observing the window discovers bleb, show air of the interfuse in the system.
Phenomenon 2: Air conditioning is desultory
1, circuit opens electric machinery of switch of magnetism, fan, fan to whether have trouble;
2, compressor coil and electromagnetism a powerful person whether open circuit or ground connection are bad reach join to whether become loose;
3, whether does compressor link unit become loose;
4, pipeline of vacuum of appearance control plate;
5, evaporator whether block.
1, if exorbitant or low-pressure watch directive is too low, and adjust temperature adjustment implement do not act well again, criterion temperature adjustment implement breakdown;
2, if low-pressure watch and high pressure express a directive,pressure passes low, there is humidity in the system, jam steam bypass a powerful person or inspiratory throttle.
Phenomenon 3: Without air conditioning
1, whether compressor drive leather belt becomes loose or rupture;
2, fuse;
3, fuse join lead;
4, whether does join lead disconnect;
5, compressor coincidence coil and electromagnetism a powerful person;
6, temperature adjustment implement electric it is normal to touch a head, whether does temperature induction component have trouble;
7, fan is normal;
8, ignition switch and relay;
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