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In the center of family expenses the distinction of air conditioning and general

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In the eye of average person, central air conditioning can be hotel large building only " patent " . Accordingly, see the home use the air conditioning central from media suddenly when people when this name, already unfamiliar curious. Can the family use central air conditioning really?

In the center of the family air conditioning (door in the center of type air conditioning) the system of independent air conditioning that is a miniaturization, mix in refrigeration means basic anatomical similar and large central air conditioning. Be in charge of through wind by a lead plane or cold hot conduit joins many extreme give blast tuyere to send different area Leng Aiqi, achieve the goal of temperature of many pairs of room adjustment.

Compare with photograph of traditional family expenses air conditioning, air conditioning can introduce new wind easy to doly in the center of family expenses, improve indoor air quality greatly, absolve " air conditioning is ill " vexed. Receive windward canal to be able to send wind to toilet, the air inside the bedroom distributings more reasonable, temperature is even, wave motion is little, intimacy is good. Use indoor condole to carry decoration on the head to be able to make indoor machine finds a place for conveniently inside the ceiling, in blending in whole decoration effect, because use the air conditioning between cent of much stage fission,improved greatly implement what create the opportunity outdoor too much and the exterior that affects a building and cause insecure hidden trouble, the refrigeration agent that can avoid traditional fission machine joins the canal is exposed and pensile indoors in the air indelicate condition.

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