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Su Ning raises action: Why does Xue Tianru use home appliance

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Yesterday, nanjing was greeted into the winter the following the first snow. Su Ning electric equipment is used in the light of snow day home appliance rolled out a sale to serve meet an urgent need beforehand case, ensure citizen home appliance is used without care. It is reported, su Ning strengthened the personnel that serves terminal greatly each to configure, the favorable movement that the service waits for after assuring content shedding, carry out.

Tao Jinghai of general manager of Beijing large division expresses south Su Ning, su Ning had started lash-up beforehand case, to the urban district is gone to before convenient consumer inn of each center door shops, su Ning adopted cleared firn, business hours to adjust, raise the temperature inside inn to wait for measure, also increased nearly 30 % on strength of commodity sales promotion, offerred easy environment, substantial price for consumer.

Be aimed at the problem that the air conditioning in many citizen homes cannot run normally, yue Congjun of director of center of after service of Su Ning Nanjing introduces, this is a hollow v likely showed false sex trouble, air conditioning implement oneself does not have occurrence quality problem. Do not make hot case as to air conditioning, the latency time that Yue Congjun thinks this just is empty modulation heat is longer, when the temperature outdoor is inferior, after air conditioning is started above all the machine outdoor will have a longer process that change frost, citizen must the firn the machine outside air conditioning or frozen eliminate.

The expert after Su Ning electric equipment makes work still is raised to broad citizen action, listed other the note when a few kinds of home appliance are using: If the water heater burning gas in the home is not commonly used, need to give off the water in conduit entirely, encounter freezing weather otherwise, conduit is frozen probably to crack. Freezer does not want out of service in winter, best method moves freezer job pattern winter pattern namely. (8 edition " company chamber of commerce " )

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