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A few kinds of electric equipment must not put a bedroom

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The progress of science and technology brought the advantage on the life, also brought more and more electromagnetism pollution. What is electromagnetism pollution? When the job such as TV, freezer, computer, mobile phone, the electromagnetic wave of generation is electromagnetism radiate. But electromagnetism radiate and electromagnetism pollution are different, nowhere is not in electromagnetism radiate, and electromagnetism pollution exceeds particular strength in electromagnetism radiate only hind, just can send poll to ache, decline of insomnia, memory, eyesight drops, blood pressure lifts or issue demote, serious likelihood causes partial personnel abortion, cataract, cause cancer even.

Consider to confirm: Magnetic field can increase children to get cancerous risk, and from 2 MG (fine long hair gauss) case, the risk begins double. In fact, you already endured the place that exceeds 1mG for a long time at magnetic field to be polluted to radiation, and the data far outclass that measures in the home actually this number.

Bedroom: "Acoustics of the head of a bed " do not put the head of a bed

Bed should be the grand opera of field of the electromagnetism in surveying the home probably. If sleep for a long time in the place of tall magnetic field, can this influence has infer how old. Also can know from this so called " acoustics of the head of a bed " be should not place in the head of a bed. In principle any the bed that electric equipment things should be far from you. Tourist always complains Morpheus quality is bad, report was placed probably to warm near the bed that is guesthouse actually implement, fanner, air is fresh the electric equipment do mischief such as machine, air conditioning, want to know, a small-sized report is warm implement magnetic field can be as high as 200mG above.

Microwave oven: Microwave is a few bigger to little boy harm

The magnetic field of microwave oven is extremely tall. What differ with things of other home appliance is, although be to inserting report to did not use it only, the magnetic field of key-press board still can be as high as some type ahead 30~60mG, the magnetic field when using exceeds 200mG. Additional, consider to show, the microwave to male reproduction system harm of these leak especially big, because this is small,the boy should keep away from more.

Freezer: Inhale the dust on radiating tube

Freezer is the place of a tall magnetic field in the kitchen, running in freezer especially, when giving out buzz, the magnetic field that the radiating tube line of the side after freezer or lower part releases is tower above ahead more a few even hundreds of times (freezer around limits is measured 1~9mG, rear midpoint can be as high as 300mG) . If the efficiency of freezer is not tall, buzz is particularly long, particularly big also, if use cleaner to inhale dust of radiating tube on-line, with respect to the efficiency that can improve freezer, also the magnetic field in bring down home.
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