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Spend the New Year so that general cleaning teachs you home appliance how to do

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"Year 28, wash slovenly " . The day after tomorrow is the day of general cleaning. The interior after electric home appliances
Current, on the market already emerge in large numbers the home appliance of a few major maintains company, many home appliance maintain dot and clean company to also can provide the service that home appliance maintains. But, because of the characteristic of home appliance product, a lot of electric home appliances
Water of flat TV avoid

When clean flat TV, having a principle is to ask not privately starts work disassemble flat TV. Because although be in,the condition that cut off the power falls, the CFL in setting illume component is changed stream implement may contain the maximum pressure that restrains 1000V as before, this kind of high pressure can cause serious person harm.

Liquid crystal screen and plasma screen are quite flimsy, want to avoid strong impact and vibration so, do not use force to screen appearance. When TV of clean liquid crystal, can obliterate smear gently with the soft cloth that is stained with a few water. Do not sprinkle water indication screen appearance directly. The meeting after water enters LCD brings about screen short circuit. If damp has entered LCD, should put its warmer place, so that let among them water,cent and organic compound evaporate.

But swab plasma screen with water can quits ionic TV causes harm. Had better use special and clean liquid, perhaps use the towel of dry softness to be wiped gently. After be being cleaned, xian Jing puts 30 minutes, next electrify eliminate humidity.

Hot water of air conditioning avoid

Traditional air conditioning is cleaned can rinse screen pack simply only, wipe the surface of evaporator, cannot reach system sending wind to undertake be cleaninged in the round to aperture of air conditioning evaporator, and the interior of evaporator is dirt jams the most serious, the place that bacterium, virus breeds the most easily.

Choose dry sunshine, air conditioning implement function key is chosen in " condition sending wind " below, locomotive 3~4 hour, let damp of air conditioning interior send out dry, put out air conditioning next implement, pull out power source outlet. Move with sky of soft rub-up doing cloth implement crust bilge, usable also Wen Shui is swabbed, must not wait for chemical material to swab with hot water or flammability oil.
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