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Oily in the winter lowing report is warm implement must erect place use

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Day after day microtherm snowfall, pregnant woman and new student how health care? What problem should use electric equipment note? Our newspaper " cold winter serves a hot line " since debutting, many readers dial center of our newspaper call to undertake advisory. Yesterday (on January 30, 2008) , the reporter consulted concerned expert.

Pregnant woman new student want measurable heat preservation

"I am holding out pregnant, for fear that catchs a cold, but still caught a cold! How should do? " " just was delivered of a child last year in October, a bit experience also is done not have, how to prevent the child to catch a cold? " the advisory phone of pregnant woman and young mother is ceaseless.

The summerly matron of courtyard of health care of city women and children expresses, new student all sorts of physiology functions have not perfect, temperature adjustment is very flabby calm, get used to ability to differ to the outside, a bit carelessly easy sicken. The dress of darling should be a principle moderately with soft and heat preservation, comfortable, simple, thickness, do not wear too much, cover not always also Yan Yan fact is solidly; The room temperature when entering bath should be in 20 ℃ above, water is warm should be in 36 ℃ - between 38 ℃ , had better give a new life with bathtub bathe and the action is quick, after been wash, put the baby on big towelling coverlet, the edge brushs edge wrap up, next swaddle is good. Additional, the infantile immunity force of mother milk feed is powerful, not easy sicken. The puerpera catchs cold the most easily, should notice to prevent cold heat preservation, notice to rest, compensatory nutrition.

It is when average air temperature when 0 ℃ are the following, to the burden for the pregnant woman that two individual nutrition metabolize, the body is facing bigger challenge. The dress appropriate of pregnant woman is comfortable, breathe freely, light, heat preservation, and airtight pants socks brings about temperature easily to drop. Be pregnant the accurate mom of 3 months above appetite soars, this increases just about nutrition and into the big inning that fill. Daily half jins of grandma is indispensable; Egg kind, the flesh kind, fish, shrimp, hotpot is good nutrient food; Vegetable and daily breed has been jumped over more more; Right amount rice face also is necessary; A variety of fruits mix the edible between eat firm fruit, what can make up for microelement is insufficient. Bao soup and braise dish are simple and solid food. Water more can prevent constipation and skin effectively dry. Notable is, cannot make gain weight too fast, weekly appropriate increases 0.3 - 0.35 kilograms, should not exceed 0.5 kilograms. Pregnant woman is daily should assure 8 - 10 hours of Morpheus, cannot open electric heat blanket to sleep, room should much more ventilated; Bath time does not exceed 30 minutes every time, in order to prevent anoxic. Go out to need somebody to accompany all right, although take a walk to also want cap of heat preservation, garment orderly, had better wear guaze mask. In cold air, expose do not exceed 1 hour.
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