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The electric equipment of your home gets ready " into the winter "

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Enter a winter, the person knows Leng Zhi to heat up, the thin unlined upper garment that knows a summer closes, warm winter dress puts on a body. Actually home appliance also is like this. Work hard the air conditioning of one summer, electric fan should rest rested, your give a lot of care clears away fatigue rise, the ability when reoccupy of the coming year holds good position; For a long time is trashy bath bully, humidifier afresh " mount guard " , but must allow them to have gradually " suit " time, do not come excessive " overworked " .
The basic skill mineral that cleaning is home appliance hibernate is effective purify freezer peculiar smell
Enter a winter, the utilization rate of freezer is reduced greatly, wholesome problem also is met by people neglect, extremely easy generation blames flavour inside freezer. You can be after dump, with chroma the saleratus of 3 % swabs the bilge inside freezer storeroom, can fast eliminate peculiar smell. The door pad of freezer is the easiest accumulate the place of bilge, should clean carefully most.
A cup of lemonade is done water surely machine
Prepare a fresh lemon, incision hind squeezes a lemonade, according to 1: The scale of 10 is smooth, fall to water inside machine cistern, immerse half hour can effective and antiseptic. Clean with lemonade water the advantage of machine depends on, it won't stay in that way like alexipharmic water have thick strange taste. Air conditioning had better ask professional to help
Of air conditioning clean, it is better that the proposal asks professional to come to serve. Clean after finishing, machine of inside and outside had better have been enclothed with dustproof cover. In addition, air conditioning hibernate besides should unplug outside power source, also want to writing down the batteries the remote controller to be taken. Very long before be being enabled trashily first check-up bath bully circuit, bulb is checked before using
After entering a winter, the use of bath bully is gradually frequent, before be enabled afresh, best will check of the circuit of bath bully, bulb is looked up, open moves 35 minutes, see whether normal movement.
Humidifier disinfects reuse first
Before humidifier is being used, the aqueous solution bubble that can use 84 disinfectant the look water of humidifier implement, 35 minutes can. Rinse look water incidentally implement the ultrasonic generator on the valve that drink water, gas outlet and humidifier.
(according to " Beijing morning paper " Qiu Xiao / civil)

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