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Exorbitant meeting affects set of temperature of winter air conditioning oneself

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Winter uses air conditioning, the key is not to want to move temperature exorbitantly, can affect the life of air conditioning otherwise.

Before use air conditioning, should choose air conditioning in foil sending wind to be opened a long time, blow the condenser water in dry air conditioning, lest take condenser water for long inside machine,cause a bacterium. Warm oneself with air conditioning, temperature had better be set in 20 ℃ optimal, do not want overheat. When making heat, just switched on the mobile phone with low windscreen, the windscreen in converting after half hours. Scarcely should set temperature in air conditioning but susceptive extreme 30 ℃ , can cause air conditioning otherwise ceaseless machine or start often, have bigger damage to compressor, and power consumption is bigger also. Window opportunity will arise water hole plug to be taken out certainly when winter is used, prevent chassis frozen attaint machine.

If move in winter,move machine, must be operated by professional, make cryogen leak in case, also want to prevent signal of power supply cord to receive wrong attaint air conditioning.

Air conditioning can appear in the hard to avoid in use process a few small issues, for can apace removes an issue, answer to check air conditioning according to the following.

1. If feel the temperature in the room to go up not to go from beginning to end, the likelihood is dirt too much, stemmed screen pack. Can tear open screen pack first come down to be rinsed with clear water, it is OK that mount goes.

2. If the machine outdoor has air conditioning very big noise, probable it is screw becomes loose cause, ask maintenance technician to be repaired went.

3. If air conditioning starts difficulty, probable the problem that is voltage, add a manostat perhaps the problem was solved.

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