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The choose and buy of electric home appliances

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The characteristic with the biggest microwave oven is thermal efficiency tall, when the province energy-saving, clean sanitation is used convenient. Show level the standard of living of average household, choose the microwave oven of common dial type that 1000W controls, compare from all respect regards such as the price, capacity, power supply no matter appropriate. Barbecue function should be contained commonly when the choose and buy, the distinction on class basically is to controlling a system to go up. Mechanical control construction of system is simple, on the safe side, the price is low, apply to average household. Function of computer control system is all ready, luxurious and beautiful, apply to economic income to call tall family.

The attention answers when using

1, microwave oven should be put on firm and reliable platform, and cannot stand by gas furnace to provide, the heat source such as radiator. Two side and the reverse side should leave microwave oven the space that has 10 centimeters or so is used at coming loose to heat up.

2, microwave oven should be far from television, radio cassette player and videocorder as far as possible, lest be opposite,these electric equipment are disturbed.

3, must use microwave oven special household utensils heats food, avoid by all means perhaps has the container of metallic rim with metallic container, lest strike a light, attaint magnetism accuses a canal.

4, when microwave oven works must its dustproof cover is taken off, lest the influence comes loose,be heated up and damage yuan of parts of an apparatus.

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