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Artful daughter-in-law raises an action kitchen small home appliance how to be d

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Kitchen electric equipment, volume is not large, but action is however greatly important. Artful today daughter-in-law supports a small unexpected tricky move to you, teach you how to maintain daily these lovely kitchen small electric equipment!

Electric oven

Electric oven has fasten the small oven that now the place on market sees, it goes up at function, capacity and temperature more perfect. Electric oven can embed furnace has lower part, or place from the ground in tall ark 85 centimeters are in. Say commonly, electric oven compares report of bad news of oven burning gas, but roast evener.

Disinfect ark

Consumer often regards alexipharmic ark as cupboard is used, this meeting influence disinfects ark life. A few users put the dinner service that carries water cabinet inside not often electrify, cause the component of each electric equipment that disinfects ark and oxidation of metallic surface be affected with damp be affected with damp, occurrence contact resistor is in in infra-red and calorific socket, easy burned-out socket and other part, shorten the service life that disinfects ark. Make alexipharmic cabinet for a long time cupboard is used can have damage at human body health. Accurate use method is: Disinfect to two days of electrify every week, can have antiseptic objective already so, can prolong its service life again.

Take lampblack chance

Can divide to rely on a wall model, smoke pull model with the island model 3 kinds, among them both before relatively common. To absorb lampblack effectively, reduce pollution and clean trouble, smoke lampblack machine installation to be in with distance furnace face the 60 place to 65 centimeters are optimal. Rose to kitchen lampblack in the past cut off the mesh of action, cleaning going up is a thing that makes poll painful. New-style now lampblack machine mesh, can put into dishwasher to clean commonly, or immerse in washing clean essence water, cleanness is very convenient.


The tableware that notices to will resemble slightness of subclass of chopstick, spoon puts the case that wash a bowl, lest they hold back gush to drench brachial roll, affect catharsis result. When the dinner service that catharsis has close aperture and alveolus perhaps has a lot of to design the careful tea set of detail, best all round did not cover other dinner service again, such eroding more sufficient, the place that can let common catharsis be less than erodes.

Electromagnetism furnace

Use electromagnetism furnace has wanted to notice at 2 o'clock: It is the brand product that quality qualification must buy when furnace of electromagnetism of choose and buy, lest electromagnetism heat electromagnetic wave causes harm to human body; It is electromagnetism furnace cannot be put on iron plate to use next, cause fire easily otherwise. In addition, because electromagnetism heat electromagnetic wave is more powerful, when accurate mother have chaffy dish, still be to use electromagnetism heat less.
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