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Winter home appliance uses small strategy

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Enter winter, the choose and buy is auxiliary warm oneself electric equipment and home appliance maintain wait for a problem to appear before consumer. The reporter interviews relevant personage, summary gives a few experience, hope to be helped somewhat to consumer.

Energy-saving piece:

Unplug plug is province report subtle move

Winter how managing with report?

The reporter consulted home appliance to sell the salesperson of field and firm. Professional personage tells a reporter: The home appliance that often bides his time is bad news report " large family " .

After the disuse such as TV, acoustics, air conditioning, computer, if not dump, will enter bide one's time condition, still meet bad news report. The data shows: If bide one's time 16 to 24 hours, computer monitor and lead plane part bad news report 8.71 kilowatt hour and left and right sides of 1.85 kilowatt hour, the type that hang a wall and air-conditioner of clothes closet type part bad news report 1.9 kilowatt hour and left and right sides of 2.24 kilowatt hour. A lot of people do not understand this common sense, perhaps did not give home appliance in time " unplug plug " habit, just wasted a lot of charge of electricity for nothing so.

In addition, the convention with good nurturance answers when use electric equipment, reduce electric equipment for example switch on the mobile phone frequency, volume size notices to wait when watching TV.

Experience piece:

Try report to warm implement when from remote speck

When most person selects a product, like to stand in report to warm implement in front of try machine, this kind of practice is actually incorrect.

The test report that chief gave him to reporter tribute related national beautiful electric equipment is warm implement medicinal powder the recipe of hot effect: Stand in 3 meters beyond experience effect is the most appropriate. Try machine must leave a few further, ability experience gives real effect. He still introduces, the report that still has type of a kind of flat at present is warm implement, medicinal powder hot area is larger, and have a variety of power can offer an alternative.

In addition, this controller emphasizes saying, according to room size choice report warms implement power can reduce waste, proposal choice and the report that room area matchs power are warm implement.

Maintain piece:

Do not replace freezer with the balcony

Cold winter season notices the following respects conduce to the service life that prolongs home appliance.

The working temperature of winter electric home appliances
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