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The home appliance winter such as washing machine air conditioning maintains hav

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Home appliance winter maintains, the way to do sth of within is not little, windmill car introduces a few kinds to everybody here simple effective home appliance cleans nostrum.

1, mineral is effective purify freezer peculiar smell: After dump, with chroma the saleratus of 3 % swabs the bilge inside freezer storeroom, peculiar smell of can fast eliminate.

2, a cup of lemonade does water surely machine: Winter is the tall hair season of flu, and water machine is probable it is the culprit that transmits virus. Prepare a fresh lemon, incision hind squeezes a lemonade, according to 1: The scale of 10 is smooth, fall to water inside machine cistern, immerse half hour can effective and antiseptic.

3, washing machine cleans the lotion that use Qing Dynasty: Do not need to ravel washing machine, clear lotion dilute, immerse directly with water in the canister inside washing machine can, its peculiar surface activator and a variety of auxiliary composition, can suck the dirty stuff inside washing machine interlining.

4, air conditioning had better ask professional to help: The construction of air conditioning is more complex, oneself are done very hard complete, it is better that the proposal asks professional to come to serve.

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