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Digital TV is not high-definition TV vigilance promiscuous concept

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Wired number TV already began Fuzhou promotion, when the reporter visits the bazaar 17 days, notice, buy to invite customer " high-definition wide screen " color television, many color television manufacturers bazaar high-definition demonstrate with the digital TV that popularizes at present the effect places on a par. But professional personage tells a reporter, this is kind of misdirect actually, the much Qing Dynasty is mark that popularizes at present TV program, practical effect has difference with what bazaar demonstrates.

Sales promotion member be equal digital TV high-definition

The reporter is in in a few home appliance sell booth market see, the our city popularizes wired number TV to become the one great stunt of sales promotion of manufacturer of each color television. Almost the sales promotion of every brand member when introducing color television of flat wide screen to consumer, can allude wired number TV.

"We are high-definition color television this, receive on after machine top box, its effect is such. " some is homebred the member that taste card sales promotion is pointing to color television of liquid crystal of a wide screen to say to a consumer, digital TV is high definition, if your home opened digital TV signal, original imitate color television cannot achieve this kind of result. The reporter notices, the program image that these color television demonstrate is Quan Bing, the picture is qualitative very clear, a lot of effects that broadcast than DVD it seems that are even good.

The reporter visited 10 many brands, most sales promotion member be equal digital TV at high-definition TV, identifying TV of amount to word is 16: The picture of 9; No matter how much signal scale is,some say, their color television turns into the picture thoroughly 16: The Quan Bing of 9 shows.

And most consumer also is water of a mist. When partial consumer accepts a reporter to interview, say, the concept is too much now, much cannot understand, the value still sees when be being bought so, the picture effect of each color television in comparative bazaar and the member that listen to sales promotion introduces.

A home appliance sells a concerned controller to disclose to the reporter, what actually bazaar demonstrates is DVD disc, it is high-definition program even, it is good of course that its draw effect of qualitative, sound. But if be used,broadcast current imitate TV signal or the digital TV program that extending, the effect is afraid can sell at a discount.

Mark clear program and high-definition program have distinction

"The majority that the our city popularizes now is mark clear program, compare with original imitate program photograph, it is better to draw effect of qualitative, sound, but those who show still is 4: The picture of 3. " department of town wide report says about the personage, clear program of this kind of mark and high-definition program still are distinguishing.
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