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What profit does digital TV bring to consumer after all?

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After digital TV passes research and development of a few years and promotion, already began to get popular stage by stage at present, to consumer, of digital TV gain ground, abounded the recreational means of people not only, also changed thoroughly at the same time " TV " traditional idea.

Compare with imitate signal photograph, the phonic effect height of digital TV is protected true, the picture won't appear not only double image, and colour degree of saturation is tall, the 6-7 that transmission program amount will be traditional and wireless TV times.

Compare with appearance of wired number TV, the cost of wireless number TV is lower. Be in underpopulated a mountainous area, popularize wireless number TV to need the cost of cable television 1/10 only, and won't appear the TV signal blind area that signal of existing imitate TV creates, because this applies to vast rural area, urban and rural union,village of village of signal of ministry implementation TV is connected. And, digital TV has removability, it is OK that this means people on board or use a mobile phone to watch the TV with uninterrupted signal.

As the promotion of wireless number TV, digital television will be changed into muti_function interactive service platform, make the information terminal of multimedia.

From the point of the angle of average consumer, the promotion of digital TV and what to gain ground to you can be brought after all new experience? Integrated each viewpoint of square personage, digital TV can be in at least the following 5 respects bring a surprise to us.

Above all, the TV program is more clear bright beautiful, in having imitate TV program no longer, often see " snowflake " " twill " wait for interference signal, the picture is exquisite, clear, acoustic quality is higher. Increase the phonic video result that the common TV that distributes machine top case can be achieved or exceeds DVD, if be TV of true number of big screen high definition, indication effect will be better. Digital telecast still is had exceed strong interference rejection capacity, can better land solves sound noisy, confuse the issue such as the stage.

Next, program content is more rich. Digitlize signal of the following TV to take up network bandwidth resource decreases greatly, make the channel resource of broadcasting television network increases considerably, the transmission ability of eye front road by expand a few sets so control for 500.

The 3rd, personalized program and characteristic service channel will be increasingly rich. Digital TV program can divide the professional channel with finer more, at present the personalized number TV program of our country had had certain dimensions.

The 4th, consumptive pattern and habit will have major change. On one hand, the TV in imitate times " suffer numerous " arrived the active option that digital age had him, can the program content that him order programme likes to look, resemble going no longer in that way can passive accept; On the other hand, see TV not need again " drive bit " , the Olympic Games program that broadcasted at 8 o'clock, you returned the home to still can see at 10 o'clock.
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