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Ban fluorine to make: Freezer " accept decree " air conditioning has some of be

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Although national regulation rose on July 1 from this year, ark of the freezer that contains fluorine, ice will prohibit selling in Chinese market, but the reporter visited a country recently the home appliance such as trade of beautiful, labour sells a discovery, sea Er, beautiful, bay ark of a series of old brand refrigerator such as Ke Ma, ice anticipate makes cryogen without fluorine, and the air conditioning of the brand such as Er of force of LG, division, sea should ban fluorine to still remain in the round time.

Freezer is active " accept decree "

"Present freezer does not have fluorine entirely, those who contain freon is early did not go up. " yesterday, the reporter is visited in inn of road of the north in national beautiful electric equipment when, a salesperson promotes the freezer that do not have fluorine to consumer, he introduces freezer industry to be in early the beginning of the year begins to be carried out in the round this year ban fluorine.

Beautiful freezer controller discloses to the reporter, factual Shanghai Er, beautiful, fly beautiful water chestnut, newly the product that waits for brand of freezer of domestic a gleam of is early realized devoid fluorine before a few years basically to produce, because this bans what fluorine makes to promulgate, effect of old to these brand is very small.

Cost of the air conditioning that do not have fluorine is too high

"Buy fan of air conditioning power transmission, microwave oven. " the reporter discovers each manufacturer launchs air conditioning fight yesterday, but only one fraction uses domestic air conditioning to make cryogen without fluorine environmental protection, and the price is higher. Little part does not have fluorine air conditioning, manufacturer tries explosion design or advertisement.

The reporter sees in national beautiful electric equipment, 3 foreign air conditioning are to use agent of environmental protection refrigeration only, price 7000 yuan of above, the others contains price of fluorine refrigeration agent to be in 2000, 4000 yuan. "The cost that produces the air conditioning that do not have fluorine is higher, domestic consumer still is accepted hard. " the salesperson introduction of sea Er air conditioning, it is early 67 years ago, dragon of sea Er, division, Chun Lan ever ground give out the air conditioning that do not have fluorine, but open however on the market, basically be cost too tall, gain ground not easily.

It is reported, freon uses most extensive air conditioning trade, because search the promotion of new cold intermediary of freon substitute to still have difficulty, do not ban fluorine to was restricted greatly in July in this temporarily.

Beware the manufacturer borrows " without fluorine " hype

The reporter discovers yesterday, the home appliance that do not have fluorine has made the sale concept of dominant of manufacturer of a few refrigeration, but this still makes a lot of consumer feel interrogative.
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