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Home appliance acclaims healthy concept antiseptic function lacks a standard

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Nowadays, consciousness of healthy environmental protection more and more be advocated, curb bacterium, antiseptic kind of product also subsequently popular. But, small arrive greatly to toilet soap freezer, washing machine, these mark have the product of bacteriostasis, effect how? Can you achieve asepsis really through these products?

Antiseptic function of | of home appliance product lacks a standard

Increase increasingly in consciousness of consumer environmental protection today, "Antiseptic fight bacterium " home appliance was become sell a new star. In the country the big home appliance such as beautiful, Su Ning sells, the freezer of a lot of brands, washing machine is rolled out " antiseptic fight bacterium " concept and technology. But actual condition how, the reporter undertook be interviewinged on the spot investigating.

According to salesperson introduction, xin Feibing box is super product of series of double coronal king used the antiseptic technology such as ultraviolet ray, ozone, can kill the bacterium of the air in freezer and food surface effectively; Freezer uses Yilaikesi silver-colored ionic and antiseptic technology, used an entrance to fight bacterium material in the place such as door a paper strip for sealing; The brand such as sea Er, cygnet used the antiseptic technology such as rice of ozone, natrium.

According to reporter observation, sell in the market at present " antiseptic " freezer, the technical attestation orgnaization of each brand refrigerator is multifarious. Series of king of double coronal of Xin Feichao class is antiseptic the attestation orgnaization of freezer is society of China precaution cure, and Yilaikesi says its pass American FDA and EPA attestation, and more freezer are to did not tag attestation orgnaization. These attestation orgnaizations are more unfamiliar to consumer, and the reliability that consumer also judges its technology without professional knowledge.

As similar as freezer market, on washing machine market, numerous brand enterprise also rolls out antiseptic product in succession, the silver-colored ion that rolls out like SamSung is antiseptic full automatic series, sea Er rolls out wash machine of dry an organic whole, say can effective antiseptic, day stands, the home appliance brand such as small duck, LG also rolls out distinctive antiseptic technology in succession.

Wholesome expert introduces, the antiseptic freezer that rolls out on the market at present may have particular antiseptic function, but far what publicize without manufacturer is so good, more just is had restrain a bacterium to grow to fight bacterium function progenitively, at present on the market true can effective and antiseptic product is less. In the meantime, the food that fight bacterium freezer and put for a long time inside unwarrantable freezer also does not cause a bacterium.

According to the country salesperson of beautiful electric equipment introduces, antiseptic this year home appliance in the market sale status is more welcome than traditional home appliance, what contain antiseptic effect especially is muti_function home appliance. Manufacturer the demand of healthy environmental protection to cater to consumer, roll out healthy life concept ceaselessly, antiseptic, disinfection became the important vocabulary that home appliance sells. But product of new to these science and technology, expert of concerned home appliance expresses, do not eliminate some products to exaggerate its the function of some respect in order to attract customer, consumer is choosing this kind of product to need to measure oneself to use the effect actually of demand and product seriously.
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