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Liquid crystal TV shows principle and advantage show a principle

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Liquid crystal TV uses the design of element of liquid crystal of the fill between two interlining, electrode is FET transistor, lower level is collective electrode. On illuminant design, use " the back shows pattern " illuminate means, it is the smooth valve that installs similar fluorescent lamp in the back of liquid crystal. Pass first when illuminant illuminate below polarizing board go out fully up, it also element of liquid crystal of have the aid of will conduct the light, because go up,the electrode of next interlining changes FET electrode and electrode of applicable to both or all. Guide in FET electrode when connecting, the expression of liquid crystal element arranges condition to be able to produce a change, mix through shading pervious to light will achieve indication goal.

Advantage place

1, frivolous and portable. The LCD controls status of liquid crystal member to achieve indication goal through showing the electrode on screen, although screen is increased, the addition that its bulk also won't become direct ratio (increase dimension not to increase ply only so many products provided hanging function, can more economic space) the 1/3 that weight is traditional TV about.

2, color is rich. Liquid crystal TV has the 16.7 color of 1 million, the picture is distinct, color is flowery and true.

3, resolution is big, definition is high. The optimal resolution of liquid crystal screen can amount to 1024X768 commonly.

4, green environmental protection. The LCD does not have radiation, nonexistent screen twinkles phenomenon, cause visual exhaustion not easily.

5, power consumption is low, service life is long. Use time is everyday year of power consumption conversion of 4.5 hours, replace TV of 32 inches of picture tube with TV of 30 inches of liquid crystal, annual every but managing electric energy 71 kilowatt. The service life of liquid crystal TV is 50 thousand hours commonly, the life that compares common television grows more.

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