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Avoid good method of home appliance radiate

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Of urban house home " electric equipment is changed " , make people is exposed in electromagnetism radiate. Face electromagnetism radiate, we already nowhere can hide.

The doctor reminds everybody to do a such tests: If you watch two hours TV continuously, before looking the face abluent, as far as possible grease does not stay, the towel that a white looks for again after watching TV brushs a face, see settle on face what have, assure to have a black thing. This doctor says, because the radiate of TV makes air medium,this is dirt ionization, and ionization dirt has sorption, once come up against the object that has oil, can stick go up, do you think are a lot of dirt stuck on your face what to kind of feeling you can have?

Offend do not rise to hiding to nod

Electromagnetism field is omnipresent, people cannot leave it, but can avoid it at least, the expert thinks of the individual defend the principle is to offend do not rise hide:

The first, be far from electromagnetism radiate source as far as possible. Be apart from 1.5 meters of above commonly basic safety, and electric home appliances
The 2nd, every time contacts electric home appliances
The 3rd, unused electric equipment, must remember shutting power source, the electric equipment of electrify can produce many electromagnetism radiation all the same;

The 4th, on food, the proposal eats a few food that contain a lot ofC of vitamin A, vitamin and protein more conciously, should eat kelp more particularly, enhance ability of counteractive electromagnetism radiant effectively.

Different electric equipment is different treat

Be aimed at different electric home appliances
Family expenses computer is reasonable place. In had better putting the room with park study or domestic person less activity, when using computer so, someone else can be in safe distance outside, reduce the likelihood that is endangered.

Microwave oven and the normal product with electromagnetism kitchen eligible choose and buy. After switching on the mobile phone, the person should leave 0.5 meters over, do not stay around microwave oven. Food is not taken from microwave oven with respect to the edible on the horse, and should go up a few minutes too again edible -- this is a very reasonable proposal, common saying says impatient cannot eat to heat up bean curd.

Average household inside still having cause of a big radiate is hair dryer, its radiation value achieves 7.16 μ T actually. If be blown to your head, can be not small to the radiate of cerebrum. Hair dryer suggests to be used less. The safe distance of fanner is half meters, the safe distance of warm fan is 60 centimeters, infra-red report is warm implement safe distance is 1 meter. When the expert still suggests to using electric heat blanket, had better heat first bedding, etc when wanting to sleep, cut off power source again, such shifting to an earlier date warm-up, already warm healthy, still omit report.
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