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Consumer is right home appliance " need functional waste time " without the conc

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"11 " the golden week, many families start a go on a journey. Think back to, you are not during the home, whether do you notice the electric equipment in the home plug unplugs? Perhaps you want to be less than, cannot cut off the power besides freezer, other electric equipment need not when should be to unplug of plug! Because although electric equipment is absent,run in, but want electrify only, bide one's time condition also has specific power consumption, ammeter is turning euqally!

"Have consideration of 130 million air conditioning with our country, the whole nation is annual only air conditioning waits for functional bad news to achieve 3 billion degrees of above, heart of this kind of involuntary Jing of wasteful fear eye! " a few days ago, hold in Beijing " create energy-saving new standard -- , mark is high 1 tile bides his time double energy-saving taste series of boreal Ao Zhiguang newly to appear on the market " on the press conference, tall standing vice-president Dr. Zheng Zuyi shows sign, air conditioning industry should move energy-saving and same attention to need functional waste time like attention, suggest the branch comes on stage related the government " air conditioning needs standard of functional bad news " , with driving air conditioning domain in the round " 1 tile plans " carry out.

Consumer: Right " need functional waste time " do not have a concept

Needing functional waste time is to point to after putting out wiring, be in bide one's time electric power the sources of energy still is wasted below the function, the significant specific power consumption that arises in use process with the product is different, it basically is waste of a kind of the sources of energy. If use a remote controller to shut television or air conditioning, these electric equipment that do not run, look quiet, actually is in bide one's time remain below condition not small " electric tiger " . One bides his time the specific power consumption that the computer of condition has 4.8 tile all the same, and the specific power consumption of common television is as high as 8.1 tile. Occupy an expert to calculate, of family of our country city wait for what functional bad news has taken total specific power consumption on average 10% the left and right sides, be equivalent to light 24 hours of a 30 tile " long bright lamp " .

"If not be you,remind, we do not know to shut electric equipment to still can produce specific power consumption at all, did not know to waste how many money in the past. " the reporter investigates discovery, great majority consumer is right home appliance " need functional waste time " not know the inside story.

Also consumer thinks, needing functional waste time is a small amount after all, not big to domestic economy influence, not was necessary to be worth to pay close attention to. To this, win the bid Li Tienan of attestation center director points out, this kind of understanding is those who be based on him computation " small Zhang " , and did not calculate a country " big Zhang " .
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