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How to use safer? One by one of electric home appliances
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If electric home appliances
Be injured to avoid to cause electric home appliances
Television: Should place in shady and cool and ventilated place, do not want to be basked in continuously by sunshine, fluorescent screen of wet gauze or cold water contact is not used after switching on the mobile phone, lest picture tube explodes; The area with large humidity or plum monsoon section should insist to switch on the mobile phone everyday in case be affected with damp be affected with damp; Not electrified open cover board to check or sweep dirt; Exorbitant or voltage is too low do not switch on the mobile phone; If contain open aerial, in thunderstorm the day should stop to receive, unplug aerial outlet.

Fanner: Must have ground contact or receive 0 protection, should use 3 feet outlet, when the fan that shake one's head notices to swing, do not touch touch wall and other object.

Electric iron: Must have ground contact or receive 0 protection, receive electrify source to use 3 feet outlet, when using or with after finishing, cannot place instantly go up in combustible article, after using, answer instantly dump, take strict precautions against high temperature to cause fire.

Washing machine: Must have ground contact or receive 0 protection, use 3 feet outlet, do not unplug with damp hand plug; Dehydration, wash clothes when the movement such as bucket, impeller, beater, prohibit extending the hand into the bucket inside; When using, discover electric machinery gets stuck or appear unusual sound, odour should instantly dump undertakes examining again.

Cleaner: Cable notices when using hang, pull, pressure, walk, prevent insulation damage; Seasonable cleared rubbish or dirt, prevent aspiration mouth to jam burned-out electric machinery; Prohibit inspiratory and combustible dust; Did not use double insulation or install what full voltage protects to should install ground connection, receive 0 protection; Mains switch should facilitate emergency issues dump.

Freezer: Should place in dry and ventilated place, notice to prevent to sunshine is basked in continuously or stand by other heat source; Must use ground contact or receive 0 protection, receive electrify source to use 3 feet outlet; Power supply cord should be far from compressor heat source, lest burned-out insulation causes leakage of electricity; Avoid to be cleaned with water, the volatile combustible article such as alcohol is not deposited inside freezer, lest electric spark causes explosive accident.
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