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Washing machine is washed infirmly more cost report

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Is washing machine program chosen wash infirmly can you omit report? The expert says, this method is incorrect actually. Because be inside identical cycle, washing machine washs the frequency more that changes than washing impeller direction of rotation by force infirmly, leave to stop stay a time much also, and the electric current that washing machine starts afresh is rated electric current 5 to 7 times, wash infirmly so expend report instead. According to calculating, the washing machine of a 150 tile (use everyday, 10 minutes) with wash by force wash infirmly than using can omit report 0. 125 kilowatt hour, a month can omit report 3. 75 kilowatt hour.

Additional, the expert still reminds, use full automatic when washing machine, must open faucet, in making washing machine is executing the order of set can drink water automatically, washing machine also cannot cut off the power in the job, but after be being used, must cut off the water supply cut off the power.

If a lot of harms can arise if water cuts off the power ceaselessly, if handle,not seasonable likelihood still can give person to bring a harm. Because modern building uses device of high-pressured water supply mostly,this is, tap water pipeline of the family, faucet is ceaseless in be used for years ageing, produce leak very likely, cause slack accident, and if use hind uninterrupted report wastes resource not only, still can generate insecure hidden danger.

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