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Heating season radiator buys 7 attentions of outfit

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The capital united the time of heating to draw near with each passing day on November 15, make the central point that people pays close attention to again about the topic of radiator. Central heating decorates a technology although content is not tall, but have certain risk sex. If central heating choice or construction are undeserved, may cause a loss to the family, this is a problem that nots allow to ignore. This week, the reporter covered personnel of technology of supermarket of central heating of fire of dark heart radiator, emperor, listened to them to introduce the note that radiator choose and buy installs.

Notice 1: Purchase a place to have exquisite

Radiator heating system has technical content tall, use time long, occurrence problem is easy cause the characteristic such as implicative loss, so, installation quality and after service make the 2nd life of central heating. Accordingly, when consumer buys central heating and a replacement had better not covet petty gain chooses card of the small company that assures without credit, essay, perhaps go street small shop, also do not urge installation of consumer proper motion, had better choose product of the big company with rich actual strength, famous brand, buy a place to should be chosen in supermarket of large building materials or brand shop, by radiator production manufacturer or sale inn professional comes to install, kill with assuring to use householder period interest to not be damaged.

Notice 2: Cast-iron radiator fades out of the market

Cast-iron radiator because its price is low, anti-corrosive wait for an advantage, so long-term since it is the dominant product on our country market all the time. But because its are in use steeliness connect more, appear easily corrode slack. Place up to some year come, because be improved of workmanship of our country radiator ceaselessly, trade demand is higher and higher, cast-iron radiator more because of its bear depress, bulk heavy, appearance specific power consumption of clumsy, production is advanced and a lot of the inferior position that cannot overcome, will be washed out by the market gradually.

Notice 3: Aluminium alloy radiator is not mixed with other data outfit

At present the aluminium on the market makes radiator basically high pressure and drawing aluminium alloy solder two kinds. The aluminium that sells on our country market makes radiator basically be solder model, because intensity of its solder contact is unwarrantable, appear easily problem and slack, accordingly, consumer wants careful alternative. Additional, the expert warns customer: Because aluminium alloy radiator does not apply to alkalescent water quality, as different as steel, should avoid aluminium alloy radiator and other data to mix installation so.

Notice 4: Choose steeliness radiator to want to notice inside anticorrosive

Cast-iron radiator is washed out, those who replace will be main it is steeliness radiator (the) such as pillar, board type. Steeliness radiator already had use history of nearly 50 years in Europe, already held the market share of 80% above now, portion also is in the market that is in China to grow quickly. Previously, because all steeliness radiator is in insecure system,can appear corrode, more severe to the water quality requirement of heating system. Go up in Chinese retail market so, manufacturer of each brand radiator made anticorrosive processing to radiator, be like,what became famous quite among them also is scale is the largest " Sen Demo is restricted " series is anticorrosive radiator. But the standard that because our country is at present anticorrosive to radiator,did not implement compulsively, so good and evil people mixed up of the hard to avoid on the market, the good and bad are intermingled.
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