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It is the easiest to buy flat TV uncared-for important parameter

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Be in current, the interface of screen producing area and TV is paid attention to very much when a lot of users buy flat TV, this kind buys the trend basically is certain entrance brand exaggerated overly the consequence of its face plate causes, what although face plate is in in flat TV in cost,hold proportion special big, but it is only critical factor by no means, when using wide perspective face plate at the same time especially, from can inspect angle, noise to answer wait to basically inspect performance side to look, do not have basically too the difference of great disparity, but why to show the effect differs however a lot of? A few brands used consumer the psychology of character of pure pursuit face plate, force of heavy when conduct propaganda light at advantage of its face plate, or so consumer is bought. But in fact, influence TV is become absolutely not just face plate technology can decide resemble the effect.

We throw face plate element today, what coming to discuss together with everybody is very important, but the important parameter that is ignored by consumer place however.

Measure the important parameter of effect of TV colour developing: Bit

The user of familiar LCD is mostly right " Bit " this term is not new, in fact, "Bit " the professional term that is domain of liquid crystal indication technology, its numerical value affects liquid crystal to show directly (include TV) colour shows the result, all the time since it is to decide the important parameter of liquid crystal ability.

Noticed the Bit of TV?

The numerical value before Bit is denotive the combination that is sort of indication color of liquid crystal screen, at present the commonnest liquid crystal screen used 8bit technology, that is to say the red, green, La San of this screen is planted color light can be behaved 8 times of 2 square (256) brightness administrative levels, the color sort of screen of this liquid crystal always shares 256 × 256 × 256=16, 777, 216 kinds of combination, namely the 16.7M that we often say is lubricious, and recently popular 10bit technology, generate the promotion on the amount to arrive 10 times of 2 in colorific square (1024) , gross of color of that is to say can achieve 1024 × 1024 × 1024=1073741824 is planted, go up in colour amount that is to say 64 times 10bit technology is 8bit technology.

What is the benefit with colour much number? Add word game like us same, on the face plate of same size, differentiating grid is more, colorific amount is more substantial, the colour that forms a picture transfers more natural flowing, what appear not easily to transfer suddenly is lubricious a phenomenon, the color of the picture more essence of life allows nature.

The firm that has begun to have home appliance industry at present begins to publicize the technical parameter of Bit, is not to resemble before pure in that way publicize screen technology and resolution only. Make an on-the-spot investigation because of when this everybody buys TV, also must not forgetting " Bit " look this although,be like small, but the parameter with major effect.
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