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To reduce environmental pollution, quicken the pace that conforms with international, our country applies formally at beginning on March 1 this year " electronic information product pollutes control government measure " . The product of electronic electric equipment that method regulation will be produced in Chinese churchyard henceforth and sells, must depend on according to corresponding requirement, term of service of the tag that indicates poisonous harmful material or element and content, environmental protection, can deny reclaim use reach packing material name, so that these electrons can get be handlinged correctly after the product is deserted, decrease to cause a harm to the environment. For example: After batteries is used, the proposal is not cast in disorder, throw in disorder, the reason is inside contained toxic element lead, mercury, can cause pollution to fountainhead and soil.

The electronic information product that produces after March 1 this year must mark, current, industrial and commercial bureau is in Beijing to did not press a requirement to mark to a few products discovering in label examination, in partial media is reporting and reprinting a process with " such-and-such product may cause cancer " title, caused the misunderstanding of partial consumer and uneasiness.

To this, the reporter interviewed Beijing disappear of industrial and commercial bureau maintains the head of a department or office of place Cao Zhongsheng, cao section chief expresses, in environmental protection more and more be taken seriously today, polluting those who control administrative measure to come on stage is very necessary, consumer of harmful to what exist in the product material can need not alarmed, the country has strict regulation to the security of these products, do not obtain safe attestation to be allowed impossibly to be sold in the market, use correctly won't produce any harms to the body. Electronic product from be born to now, blend in the life of consumer already completely, still create the story of the harm to human body without discovery. Product of the electron on the market is small to batteries, fluorescent lamp, semiconductor, mobile phone, wait for all electric equipment to computer, TV, microwave oven, freezer greatly, include car, machinery to make even wait to be put generally in these harmful material, label of requirement production manufacturer basically is to remind consumer operating period to want appropriate to handle afterwards, avoid to cause a harm to the environment. As the development of social progress and science and technology, more of environmental protection replace content to be able to appear in succession certainly, like replacing freon freezer just like the freezer that do not have fluorine, environmental problem also is the social responsibility that the enterprise wants bear.

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