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Buy air purifier to want to see a function first

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Air purifier has ultraviolet ray, anion, plasma, activated carbon, HEPA UPA at present (high density filters) , the form such as smooth accelerant, capture the characteristic of these phyletic purifier, can let air purify get twice the result with half the effort.

Indoor and dry, dirt pollution is heavier, optional choose removes dust the effect relatively the air purifier of beautiful. HEPA high density spends filter material is air purifies a domain to filter advancedly one of material, can filter and adsorptive 0. The contaminant of 3 micron above, have very strong purify capacity to dirt.

To wet the room of bacterial breed, can choose ultraviolet air purifier, it does not suit to be placed inside dry room to remove dust, but very good to exterminating a bacterium to have action, price of ultraviolet air purifier is cheap also, most household spending must rise.

Plasma and price of anion air purifier slightly tall. But they have to the virus in air exterminate action certainly, if family member resistance is poorer, can choose such air purifier. Can resolve a variety of peculiar smell in air and the high polymer matter that have contamination very quickly. And without noise, suit high-grade home between two parties to use very much.

The somebody in the home smokes very big also to the influence of other family, the window cannot leave to put tobacco in in the winter, suck secondhand the circumstance of smoke is more. The purifier of activated carbon purifies the effect to the harmful gas such as peculiar smell optimal, also have the capacity of adsorptive bacteria. Indoor soot pollution is heavier can consider to buy this kind of product.

Computer purifier and lampblack purifier also get the welcome of people. Computer purifier releases anion technically in the light of working area, have profit to the health of the skin and respiratory tract. Lampblack purifier is the lampblack in absorbing a kitchen, release clean gas, make up for machine of oil absorption cigarette cannot of reach every aspect of a matter be short of regret.

Normally, indoor purifier is in use process, the air inside the room will be drier, humidifier cooperates to be added to air when had better be being used wet.

Indoor divide grey small doohickey:

Clear division of bed rise ash

Ash having surplus often falls on the bed, if be brushed with the brush, can make its fly upwards everywhere. But clothings of will old acrylic fibbers is abluent air, it is taken when waiting for need to remove dust ordinal on the bed wipe quickly to a direction brush, because generation is strong electrostatic, its get on adsorption of meeting general floating dust, as dry-clean, the effect is admirable, the save labour when the province. After been use a few times, it can repeat after abluent air use.

Fleece-faced sofa removes dust law

If undertake indoors, after can soaking towel, twist dry, the shop is on sofa, reoccupy club gently lash, dust can is by adsorption on wet towel. Be no good, but scoured wool towel, repeat lash can. Yi Ke moves sofa outdoor, beat gently with a club fleece-faced, hit the dirt that falls on sofa, let wind be blown.
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