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National Day grows false effect to release native land home appliance to interli

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Compare with photograph of in former years, the National Day long holiday this year ever let home appliance sell a personage for a time anxiety-ridden, the reason depends on, olympic Games sale overdrew a lot of consumption are enthusiastic, the market may turn weak. Nevertheless, the message that comes from domestic 3C to interlink beautiful electric equipment of electric equipment of tycoon Su Ning, nation says, the sale of the golden week is better than in former years instead.

"With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, our sale grows 70% . " an in-house personage checks Su Ning electric equipment " daily of the first finance and economics " express, among them, color television, ice is washed (freezer and washing machine) , the growth range of 3 large category is mobile phone and number respectively 80% , 76% , 72% . He discloses at the same time, 8 hundred accompany Pudong of store of flagship of park of Zhongshan of Shanghai of Su Ning electric equipment, Shanghai the sale the sum of flagship store, created odd-numbered days the record of 100 million yuan of RMBs. And, even if originally insipid part remaining part, person discharge also did not decrease.

National beautiful electric equipment and 100 think of buy (China) relevant and responsible average per capita expresses, their particular sale data has not been summarized. Nevertheless, songlin forest emphasizes general manager of Shanghai of vivid electric equipment of the Yong Lesheng below banner of national beautiful electric equipment, with National Day golden week was compared last year, company sale and sales volume also are to grow considerably likewise.

Personages of afore-mentioned Su Ning electric equipment express, opposite " 51 " the golden week, manufacturer and channel more the National Day with annual rely heavily on sb's service, everybody thinks " after detain " . And, the situation this year is more special, because, after legal holiday adjusts the country, other and legal holiday shortens, "11 " became a year is only 7 days to grow a holiday, this affected customer directly buy a habit: Home appliance belongs to durable consumer goods commonly, the price is higher, long holiday lets consumer have more time to be bought centrally, in order to save cost. In addition, they also had been used to the opportunity of price sales promotion during using large holiday, strive for more privilege.

"In fact, first half of the year ' 51 ' labor day, even during the Olympic Games, everybody's sale status was not achieved anticipate, basically rely on second half of the year so, this festival dare be not let off for certain, consumer also is in waiting for holiday. " personages of afore-mentioned Su Ning electric equipment say, first half of the year, although sales promotion concept is very much, but product value one's style of work as well as one's moral quality falls range is narrow, now is really " diving " valence.

Reporter discovery, in inn of door of Su Ning electric equipment, TV of a when the sea believes 32 inches of flat, had fallen actually 2999 yuan, in not consistent still ministry high-grade mobile phone. And first half of the year, it ever still was stabilized 5000 yuan come in 4000 yuan between. And always happy electric equipment criterion always holds to overflow to return benefit sales promotion, during the festival, it is washed in ice, on the key product such as air conditioning, color television, rolled out buy " 300 return 300(ticket) " , "Full 600 return 500 ticket " activity, lowest of full-court home appliance falls to 6.8 fold.
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