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Those who suit young white-collar family is new taste dishwasher to recommend

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"I do the meal, your must washs the bowl " such problem often is in spouse little family happen, but the autumn arrived, weather immediately of Leng Yougan dry, think of to wash a bowl, oily, dirty, want disgusting. So having a high quality dishwasher is very important, give the important matter that washs a bowl " " , so everything is done calm, 2 people of husband and wife can build sweet romance in all. But the dishwasher character of very much now brand, function did not assure, cannot realize bowl chopsticks faultlessly finally clean, to the white-collar little family with comfortable economy, the product with a good quality is the most crucial. Below small make up what recommend an Alisidu to such little family to taste L63 AUS of independent type dishwasher newly.

Alisidu dishwasher of type of independence of dishwasher L63 AUS

Product parameter:

Grade of specific power consumption: Class A

Catharsis efficiency grade: B

Dry efficiency grade: B

The standard washs power consumption: 1.05KWH

The standard washs bad news water: 18LT

Noise: 53dBA

Comment on: This product becomes independent for Alisidu type dishwasher, surface color is white, temperamental grace is easy. This dishwasher shares program of 6 kinds of catharsis, namely: General catharsis, energy-saving catharsis, 25 minutes wash quickly, wash gently, immerse, super catharsis program. Have temperature of 4 archives catharsis at the same time, motivation is dry system, beforehand school switch on the mobile phone time is 3/6/9/12H. Deserve to have the switch pushbutton, indicator light that add salt, add aid indicator light of condition of cleaner caution light, catharsis. When providing gymnastics to make, filter of the beat inside stainless steel, stainless steel, adjustable on next bar that bar wearing, belt secures bracket are worn. In addition deserve to have dinner service blue, overflow protects safe plant, tableware sets an amount 12. The function of this product vogue of admirable, exterior, regular meeting gets of the jubilation of young white-collar couple.

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