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Burnt machine of rice of exposure of frequency of problem children milk powder b

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 "Problem " milk powder " agitate is hot " rice is burnt

Children is in grow the crucial period of development, if children food appears quality safety problem, the healthy harm that they get wants far more than growing up to be gotten greatly, reporter investigation is informed, people is criticising those are produced " problem " the businessman of milk powder while, also searching a kind of safer safe provision that suits children quickly. Rice papers the first selection that makes numerous family. The reporter visits each big market supermarket to be informed, more and more consumer slam the door the hall on supermarket goods shelves and the indicative such as of emperor " green " , " safe " , " without social effects of pollution " , " organic " , " blame turn gene " the deep treatment that waits for model of written characters food, chose to return to a tradition " food crops is raise, 5 fruit are complementary " regimen, him raw material of health of choose and buy makes the provision that be at ease. And all along of culture of preserve one's health of praise highly food crops nature of happy rice burnt machine became people when every eagerly the heat of scare buying sells goods. Wait to sell greatly in Woerma, Ou Shang, when every happy the shop of product of rice burnt machine that waits for a brand has a lot of customer surrounding view, seek advice, contend for photograph scare buying.

   Children is become feed meter of burnt advantage for a long time much

  Introduce according to dietetics home, darling is in fast growth period, but as a result of the tooth have not bud, consequently they are in grow quickly growth is as low as digestive function in the condition of contradiction of supply and demand that causes nutriment in short supply. Dog for a long time observation considers to discover, when darling is hidebound, with respect to likelihood happening figure short, body loses, partiality for a particular kind of food, carry feed, stunt of undesirable, cognitive ability and human truck capacity need language development wait for a symptom. And feed mud to darling mushy food, have nutrient sense not only, pass mastication, the development that returns development, language, cognitive to the glossal chalaza of children, movement reachs the play of potential to disposition, temperamental nurturance even, still can produce favorable long-dated effect. Consider to discover, some children are carried feed, partiality for a particular kind of food, " a thick-tongued person " etc, chew with baby shortage training is concerned. Accordingly, dietetics home suggests, grow to avoid to let children owe debt, the mud that ought to advocate complement to be able to chew energetically is mushy food.

   Burnt machine of functional strong rice walks along quiet

Under photograph comparing, will tell to children, rice paste is peremptory make mashed vegetable or fruit mushy alimental first selection. Rice paste is fluidity sex food, easy absorb, digest, contain all sorts of nutrition such as rich vitamin, suit darling edible very much. Abstain meter of paste traditionally to had not followed to go up the tide of the times, with rice burnt machine makes meter of paste can make you wholesome to the food of darling more be at ease, also can save you likewise more time. When the reporter interviews every, gentleman of happy company chief the Qin Dynasty is informed, happy rice burnt machine is heated up when every sell, was to get not just " problem " the stimulation of milk powder, its function also is to make its popular the main factor of the market. Happy rice burnt machine is used when every full automatic the mode that boil paste, need to be pressed gently only, rice paste can be finished easily, very go to the lavatory and quick. Additional, its distinctive abrade technology smashs more complete, mouthfeel is more exquisite, suit children mastication more. Without the patent design of guard, clean more simple. In the meantime, technology of slow fire infusion, prevent dry burn, the excessive outside preventing, use rise also more be at ease.
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