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Electric equipment sells a Jing to show " malic edition " humidifier

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“ electric equipment sells the humidifier area of field to begin to sell ‘ apple ’ ! ? ” Yadouke ability in September the middle ten days of a month appeared on the market formally the IWet humidifier with an appearance and malic very similar IPod is tasted newly. This taste newly with “ my humidifier ” gives priority to dozen of concept, youth of the ” after satisfying “80 adequately goes after the individual character freedom, spending trend that pays attention to exterior vogue.

“iWet basically faces the young white-collar group of the ’ after ‘80, seek simple, slam the door complex the individual character that is them and view. ” inferior IWet humidifier is held to on exterior design contracted only beautiful style, ’ of distinctive ‘ circle control plate and malic IPod be exactly the same, 4 a disc, pushbutton, number of the LED between Jiashangzhong is indicated, make operate more simplification.

Besides the individual character demand of the ” after the contracted and contented “80 on the exterior and operation, inferior this trendy humidifier is more simple also on the function. The automatic constant wet technology of innovation is OK intelligence experiences indoor humidity, adjust then increase wet amount, make indoor humidity maintains in 45% arrive inside the healthy interval of 65% . In addition, IWet still can produce a large number of negative oxygen ion, like air of pure and fresh Wen Run like pluvial hind, those who make white-collar gens learns nature inside the office and apartment is pure and fresh and cheerful.

Those who consider working a group of things with common features is busy, IWet is special on the capacity designed cistern of 4.16L large volume, get greatly than common humidifier capacity much, not only Chancijia uses time after water longer, after water is gone, IWet still can undertake through sweet mode acousto-optic the clew that lack water. Can say, IWet developed simple concept acme, this also is the reason that consumer of the ” after this humidifier just appeared on the market to suffer “80 with respect to equipment favors.

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