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Water heater also goes all out " intelligence quotient " intelligence is changed

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Air temperature gradually cool, had felt uncomfortable with cold bath bowl, strong bath. Then, the busy season of water heater burning gas came.

Home appliance entire industry is appealing energy-saving, water heater of course also cannot evasive this problem. In addition, intelligence is changed also become this year of water heater sell a site greatly.

Energy-saving already paid close attention to a dot into consumption

The village time of square equal seat is longer far, when be being entered, did not connect burn gas, go to the lavatory to bathe, he installed solar energy water heater 2000, but he discovers, solar energy although be economical, but arrived when the winter needs hot water truly, helpless.

"The gain with the biggest solar energy is be economical, cost need not be paid again after be being installed. Had connected in the home now burn gas, but the biggest to lighting gas water heater concern is afraid of it namely too cost burns gas, so the price is on one hand, the most important still is to want energy-saving. " Fang Ping is planning so.

Actually, energy-saving involve cost not simply can large family freezer, air conditioning, of water heater burning gas can effect standard had been carried out on July 1 last year, new standard asks to light gas water heater can the bottom of effect is restricted is 84 % , thermal efficiency will prohibit continueing to be sold in the market under the product of 84 % .

The reporter is selling when visitting, see, at present many brands are publicizing him can effect is tall. With Fang Taiwei exemple, it uses its energy-saving and patent technology, let thermal efficiency from before 84% rose 88% , take the lead in reaching a nation newest executive water heater burning gas can effect standard. "Fang Taicai uses W broadband and energy-saving technology, the biggest characteristic is the heat exchanger foundation in common water heater burning gas aspirant travel technology is improved, the exterior does not have a difference, but thermal efficiency rose than common water heater burning gas 8% the left and right sides. " reveal an area to guide the member that buy introduces.

Country's poorest water heater burning gas is being put in the conspicuous position of beautiful zone, ply has 10 centimeters only. The sale is in charge of person: "Have function of combustion of electronic winter summer section beautifully, settle summer thoroughly water presses an issue. Additional, the product uses the means of combustion of strong beat aggrandizement with the most advanced international, thermal efficiency is in 88 % ~92% , it is a quite energy-saving product, its price is controlled in 1600 yuan, sexual price is compared very tall. Sexual price is compared very tall..

Assure with intelligence energy-saving

Energy-saving it is the final result that water heater achieves only, but how to assure energy-saving? Many domestic brands introduced " intelligence is changed " concept. What be worth to be carried most among them is sea Er.
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