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Although the healthy concept of car cleaner is being driven,a group of things wi

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As the development of national economy, the car enters a family quickly, to having car gens character, car can weighs the 2nd space of the life and job. But the discovery when concerning a branch to detect to the air inside 100 cars vehicle according to Beijing, the air inside car of existence of car of 82 % above pollutes a problem. Introduce according to authoritative branch, the contaminative source of the oneself inside the car is the harmful material that in coming from material of the adornment inside car component and car, releases, be like benzene, toluene, formaldehyde kind; 2 it is the contaminant that accumulates inside the car, mix like dust microbial. These pollution will give drive a group of things with common features health brings the harm that cannot despise. Outside the pollution that reduces car component and interior trim to bring as far as possible besides business of appeal automobile factory, the expert still suggests to have the friend of the car, had better purchase the cleaner that a car uses at the same time, so that keep clear of in time,the dust inside the car is mixed microbial, for him creation a health drives cozily space.

Although the healthy concept of car cleaner is being driven,a group of things with common features place is accepted, however the car cleaner on the market is right now drive a group of things with common features for it is however " chicken ribs " . It is reported, average car cleaner is to use the 12V inside the car power source or charge batteries power supply, power has 30W only mostly, attraction is particularly little, clean effect is very poor. However, according to newest report shows, a company of Guangdong rolled out what a power amounts to 180W to exceed strong car cleaner recently, the 8 ~ that its attraction is average car cleaner 10 times, can suck the bowling of 4 12 pounds easily. As we have learned, the technology of newest inversion power source on international, change the 12V direct current inside the car into 220V alternating current source first, reoccupy will furnish car cleaner is used, enhanced the power of cleaner greatly so, your attraction soars.

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