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Competition of home appliance price lifts base price mad tide

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Was about to pass 2008 half, numerous businessman sells an end in spurt half an year. Borrowing legal holiday to adjust " east wind " , the dragon boat festival this year changes personally " gold holiday " , become afterwards Pure Brightness, 509 hind another gold 3 Tian Xiaochang holidays. The personage inside course of study is analysed, june will be the businessman invests numerous resource, grab the hassle month that spells the market to contend for a sale. And dragon boat festival is small long holiday is first half of the year holiday of the last gold, this shows, devoted, price adjusts sales promotion strength, resource to will be entered turn white-hot condition. "This is the last sales promotion before 2008 Olympic Gameses come, the last golden week that also is first half of the year at the same time centers sales promotion period, will erupt what this sale spends centrally again. " high group of Guangzhou country beautiful general manager is in refer expresses this when sale of dragon boat festival, began at 13 o'clock from June 6, guo Meiyong is happy linkage of 51 doors inn, whole town puts value. Introduce according to high group, from May the middle ten days of a month begins, the country is beautiful the agreement that waited for flat manufacturer to reach associated sales promotion with sea letter, TCL, SamSung, Suo Ni, in the light of 6, the height of sale of Olympic Games flat July purchased resource of 10 thousand about a hundred special offer centrally. It is reported, the country is beautiful will continue to associate jointly, the brand of domestic and international a gleam of such as HP, Nuojiya, SamSung, all fronts yields benefit 20% ~ 30% . Return the consumptive demand that will be aimed at different group at the same time, roll out machine of indulgence of 1 million computer, mobile phone, invite benefit customer in the round. Occupy additionally divulge, the content of each specific match that dragon boat of happy home appliance surpasses Guo Meiyong will open contest on June 6, will set enchanted indulgence contest, enchanted contest of ceremony of a person of extraordinary powers, enchanted service contest. Among them indulgence surpasses commodity of 50 million indulgence to drive brake to the limit of one's capacity, lift mad tide of home appliance base price, drop broken 5 fold, the service is surpassed besides buy home appliance to be able to enjoy Guo Meicheng long safeguard, buy air conditioning to still can be enjoyed send namely install namely.
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