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Day stands release new-style cleaner CV-SL10 and CV-PL10

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Day establishs electric equipment (Hitachi Appliances) released those who match stock to judge floor sort and user to use the state, cleaner that controls attraction and cleanness to brush rotate speed coming back to spend thereby. Will roll out tornado means " CV-SL10 " with paper bag means " CV-PL10 " . The price is open mode, the predicting retail price of two products all is left and right sides of 50 thousand yen. Appeared on the market on July 28, 2007.

The tornado means cleaner that day establishs electric equipment " CV-SL10 " . Return way of stock paper bag " CV-PL10 "  

This cleaner can identify woodiness floor automatically, collapse collapse rice and sort of face of carpet and other places, the rotate speed coming back that brushs to attraction and cleanness is spent undertake optimizing controlling. This company shows, when the user hopes to using cleaner, the rotate speed coming back that the attraction that can adjust cleaner according to the type of the floor and cleanness brush is spent. For instance, if be carpet, when attraction is too strong, suction nozzle rotates brushed negative charge is bigger, bad to operate. The user hopes to adjust the measurable attraction, rotate speed that increases cleanness to brush, in order to realize the relaxed shift of suction nozzle. And on the other hand, below the circumstance of woodiness floor, if cleanness is brushed rotate speed is exorbitant, the grit of the grain shape such as sand will be played of suction nozzle rear, instead cannot aspiration. At this moment, reduce the rotate speed that cleanness brushs moderately, can enhance dust removal ability.

In addition, attraction and cleanness brush the control respect of rotate speed, considered the sort of the floor not only, still considered think eliminate dirt and relapse the circumstance of around shift suction nozzle. Use the judgement of the state about floor sort and user, the whirl that used suction nozzle brushs the size of the electric current in motor and cycle. Above all, to judge the sort of the floor, detect the amplitude of the electric current in giving motor. Specific judgement method is: Because rotate,brush forward the direction that suction nozzle rolls out rotates, the electric current when rolling out decrescent, the electric current when pullbacking will greaten. When the woodiness floor with lesser bear, when the carpet with voltaic bigger than lesser; bear change, voltaic change is bigger. Next, the means of suction nozzle shift of the user undertakes judging according to voltaic amplitude and cycle. The basis measures the electric current that go out, other to 3 class attraction and 3 cleanness of level brush rotate speed to undertake modulatory, can achieve optimal aspiration status thereby. For instance, wool compares long carpet, use attraction " strong " brush rotate speed with cleanness " tall " condition; and woodiness floor, turn into attraction " weak " brush rotate speed with cleanness " low " condition. In addition, below the circumstance of woodiness floor, move back and forth when the user when suction nozzle, go to switch attraction " strong " , cleanness brushs rotate speed coming back to spend " tall " condition. Produce unwell move to do not allow an user, floor sort and of use state decide used 1.5 ~ the electric current of 2 wavelengh.
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