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Cleaner is epispastic 10 thousand yuan are gotten object

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When washing a face inadvertent value 10 thousand yuan diamond necklace drops fall into sewer, this but urgent bad Ms. Feng of area of wife and children of lotus lake life. Reporter of final our newspaper is raised action, ms. Feng borrows the cleaner that washs a car to use, eventually from sewer epispastic value 10 thousand yuan diamond necklace drops.

19 days of evening 11 when make, after Ms. Feng of area of wife and children of life of lake of lotus of road of abundant standing grain prepares to wash gargle, rest. When can washing a face, did not think of the value on necklace 10 thousand
Yuan diamond dropping fell into face basin however, had not waited for Ms. Feng reaction to come over, had fallen into next water pipeline. This falls but urgent bad Ms. Feng, she hastens think method is gone to piece scoop up, exhaustibility all sorts of method, how to also scoop up. At this moment someone goes an idea to let pull down next water pipeline of downstair resident, find out diamond necklace to drop. Ms. Feng is helpless under found neighbour. But neighbour home should tear open next water pipeline, want to open ceiling first, neighbour is afraid that attaint decorates good ceiling, do not be willing to provide such help. Really helpless Ms. Feng dials our newspaper hotline 88880000 appeal. Reporter of final our newspaper gives an idea, try with the cleaner that washs a car to use, because this kind of cleaner is OK,engulf falls in the gravelstone head in the car, should OK the diamond in epispastic sewer.

Yesterday morning, ms. Feng borrowed the cleaner of a travel that wash a car, in the offal of face basin the mouth was sucked 3 times, sucked diamond ear pendant eventually. Glad Ms. Feng hits a phone to thanks to our newspaper instantly. She says she wants urgently at that time to cry, reporter of our newspaper of if it were not for gives an idea, she also may search to did not answer this her beloved diamond necklace to drop again.

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