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The lukewarm Ge Lin strapping · of Swedish Stockholm sent vacuum cleaner of for

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1901, cloth of British civil engineer this to London the Caesarean odeum of square visits Laisite demonstration of dust catcher of trunk of a kind of car of American. This kind of machine is used compress air dust inbreathe container inside, cloth this think this law is not brillant, fail because of a lot of dust inbreathe container. Later, he does exactly the opposite, with aspiration law, cloth this made a very simple test: Cheat a handkerchief go up in chair armrest, suck discharge to the handkerchief with the mouth, the result makes handkerchief attach a dirt. At when, he made cleaner, with puissant report pump air inspiratory tube, filter dirt through hop-pocket. In August 1901 cloth this obtain patent, established vacuum aspiration company, but do not offer dust collector. He installs the vavuum pump that uses gasoline engine drive on carriage, endure a service, grow 34 long tube is extended from the window into room aspiration, company worker puts on coverall.

1902 cloth this service company acts according to call together to arrive Ximinsi the cathedral, edward the carpet that Coronation place uses 7 ages clears clean. After this business is increasingly thriving. 1906 cloth this made a family small-sized cleaner, although the name is " small-sized " , but heft 88 pounds however (kilogram of 1 pound =0.4536) , too cumbersome and cannot gain ground.

Sibangela made the inventor of American Ohio 1907 deft cleaner, he becomes a manager in a shop at that time, for child reduce the burden that sweeps carpet, made a kind of cleaner, cause vacuum general dirt with electric fan implement inspiratory machine, blow entrance bag next. Because he himself is incapable unripe produce and sale makes work, made over patent to furry manufacturer Hoover 1908. In those days Hoover begins to make a kind of belt annulus " O " model vacuum, market is quite good, design of this kind of the earliest family expenses cleaner is more reasonable, develop what also go up without too big principle up to now to alter.

The dust catcher that designs the earliest is erect type. The lukewarm Ge Lin strapping · of Swedish Stockholm sent vacuum cleaner of form of canister of clear horizontal stroke 1913.

The clean principle of cleaner is have the aid of inspiratory action, keep clear of not easily with broom from etc of floor, carpet, wall, furniture the surface of bilge smokes dirt and dry dirty substance, wait like line, wastepaper, hair. Its main part is vavuum pump, filter bag (or screen pack) , tube, lengthen a canal to reach all sorts of figure different nozzle. Contemporary cleaner changes on accessory diversiform, for cleared carpet contamination the design gave shag to brush, fine fur is brushed, rotational wool is brushed, clear what the corner uses is flat look nozzle, clear analyse board is used burnish brush etc.

Family expenses cleaner is used as cleared dirt normally, little imagine cleaner still can be developed many additional kind of function.

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