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Home appliance becomes aeriform " thunder field " radiation sends a person to gr

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Old early in the morning, open microwave oven to heat up two biscuit, the coffeepot that use phone makes coffee or use soya-bean milk machine to boil soya-bean milk, brush his teeth with electric toothbrush, need with electric shaver shave... when what enjoy these modern home appliance in us is convenient, the electric equipment such as furnace of little imagine television, freezer, microwave oven, electromagnetism, can make the person is exposed in electromagnetism radiate.

From morning till night, our every act is assisted from what do not open home appliance electric equipment, so how should we prevent these home appliance radiate?

The crisis one:

Microwave oven radiate is other home appliance severalfold

Microwave oven already fast go to the lavatory again, economic material benefit, it is the good cuisine tool that contemporary fast rhythm lives. But if use undeserved, microwave oven also may endanger our health. The working principle of microwave oven is to pass the energy that releases microwave generation to heat food, belong to electromagnetism radiate. Evaluate a report according to radiation, the electromagnetism radiate of microwave oven is other home appliance is severalfold. Although have period of time, light-wave furnace lifts an upsurge because of the innovation of its technology in the market, but light-wave furnace still is put in electromagnetism radiate phenomenon. According to expert introduction, light-wave is the auxiliary function of microwave oven essentially, act well to barbecue only. Without microwave, light-wave furnace is equivalent to common oven only. The light-wave furnace on the market is furnace of combination of light-wave, microwave, in use already can microwave operation, can use light-wave to be operated alone again, OK still light-wave microwave combines an operation. That is to say, light-wave furnace is compatible the function of microwave oven. And electromagnetism radiate is the phenomenon that energy passes a space to travel with the form of electromagnetic wave. Radio wave and light-wave are electromagnetic wave, accordingly, no matter why be planted formal microwave oven, want to take care as far as possible when use. Answer a method:

Before buying microwave oven, should stay to microwave oven according to the size of the kitchen have enough all-time, good plan is made with respect to this before buying, when using microwave oven otherwise, its all round became " thunder field " . After open microwave oven, the person had better leave a meter or so. After microwave oven job ends, await reopen of period of time to start microwave oven; Had better use microwave oven shield. Via commonly used microwave oven boil boils food to be able to wear unlined long gown of screen apron, screen. After microwave oven uses period of time, often ought to check furnace door to inorganic instrument sex is injured, if open should send professional branch in time maintenance out of order, prevent microwave leak. The expert sums up the good method that gave an effective to help you undertake to microwave oven security checks: Open microwave oven, taking a radio to stand in aside, if the radio is disturbed, can reveal electromagnetic wave likely with respect to the microwave oven that makes clear you so, need to repair or exchange.
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