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Live in 4 clean important detail

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Detailed rules of cleanness of ● wall, smallpox

Ceramic tile of board wall, color and wooden ceiling, attenuant suds can be touched to be wiped gently with wet cloth when cleanness, lest hurt,cannot reach the surface forcibly. Wall of whitewash a wall, wallpaper, need to use chicken feather broom only when cleanness by go up to go to next whisk dust can.

It is which kinds of wall no matter, if touch bilge when, never brush suddenly forcibly, can damage otherwise wall. Had better be after mixing with cleaner of a cup of alcohol, one small spoon, be in the bilge place of wall with aerosol spray, can go easily with heating up towel to enclothe bilge again besides.

Detailed rules of ● floor cleanness

Cement reachs holystone floor, usable Buddhist nun is brushed especially touch clear river or suds scrub can; If have dirtier place, can use force much scrub several times, dry next.

Once teak floor can be appeared to expand by leach craze and curve a phenomenon, when cleanness, need to use wetter cloth to be wiped only, wipe with cloth instantly next work to go, if carry rate of wooden floor brightness, can wax regularly.

Water of plastic floor avoid, after clean scrub, must let moisture evaporate as soon as possible, in case cleaner and moisture and colloid have chemistry, create floor face come unglued or cock appearance.

Ceramic tile ground looks for candle to always can keep light, but should ensure the ground empties feel well after the cleanness that use water, lest be slipped by residual water be soiled.

The cleanness of ● door window

When because oxidize,window of aluminium alloy door is like and rusting, usable penknife becomes rusty aluminium gently raze, reoccupy soap bath is clean, dry cloth is wiped dry, reoccupy dry cloth is polished after making cerated oil, can be like glossily more new.

Glazing touchs birds' droppings, can brush with the cloth that touchs vinegar; And the window that has besmirch, can brush with citric cut wipe clean; The ammonia solution of 5% or benzine are joined in birdbath, clean glass with its, the reoccupy after working does cloth to wipe, glass is particularly bright.

Clear when shutter, can be in of rubber glove outside set on flax glove (usable without flax glove old line glove replaces) , touch flax glove cleaner, with the hand a ground wipes shutter lamina. In case flax glove is flyblown, should use the means that wash one's hands to wash flax glove rub clean only can, change a pair of new flax glove again finally, touch clear water, the shutter wipe up with cleaner or success (the movement when clean shutter wants deft, lest destroy shutter or cord) .

If screen window can be torn open come down to wash, tear open as far as possible come down to clean. After tearing open next screen window, old newspaper can be affixed in a side of screen window, reoccupy cleaner will suck bilge, wipe with dishcloth finally what can maintain screen window is clean. If cannot be torn open,fall, can will wear cover of broken old silk socks to be on the mouth of cleaner, touch sail upstream, dust can maintain his composure the ground is sucked clean.
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