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Strategy of main brand product observed cleaner 2007

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Yilaikesi: Rare motivation

100 years ago, the first cleaner is born at Yilaikesi, this is Yilaikesi's pride all the time, cleaner also is the product of the first kind of home appliance that Yilaikesi introduces China. Yilaikesi takes terminal figure seriously very much, not hesitate beautiful high price builds capacious Yilaikesi figure zone, to shape high-end image, introduce the mainstream cleaner that European synchronism appears on the market. These act are passed in recent years popularize continuously, the accord that won high-end customer is approbated, although retail volume is had,lead had not exceeded 10% in statistic of a few data, but Yilaikesi is very contented to current gain level.

Market action:

Concern personage introduction according to Yilaikesi, henceforth, yilaikesi of cleaner advance strategy to remain hold high end, the design that uses banner technology, style will abound cleaner product line. Taste newly put in main concentration to wait for market of class of just a little in Beijing, Shanghai, but in the part 34 class market, yilaikesi also obtained pretty good sale outstanding achievement, these will be sale keys of Yilaikesi.

Yilaikesi will formulate the product strategy that differs somewhat according to different area, the district that carries a product is lain between change, get used to the consumer demand with diverse each district better.

Yilaikesi rolled out 4 series to Chinese market 2007, the new product of more than kinds of 10 model. Price from 260 ~ 28000 yuan. 400 yuan of the following products have Yilaikesi only two, the product of 800 above amounts to 6. What differ with the others brand is, because lucky those is gotten (Rapido) the existence of series, hand-held cleaner is not located in Yilaikesi not only low end of range of products, it is instead advocate make one of products, the product proportion of hand-held cleaner is opposite also taller. In hand-held cleaner product, the lucky the other that price controls in 1500 yuan gets series well known, become Yilaikesi likewise this year advocate hit a product to reach advocate sell model.

The product recommends:

2007 second half of the year, yilaikesi will be rolled out use bag of double HEPA, Shuang Chen to filter technology (paper bag / the bag that do not have dirt) Z1750 of Twintech horizontal cleaner and the lucky the other that have 3 model and 3 kinds of color get 2 generation (Ergorapido2) , obtained first-rate result according to calling the early days of two products the test.

The price is in of 1200 yuan of above " the extreme is silent person " series horizontal cleaner, also obtained in the cleaner market 2007 not common achievement, it exceeds quiet tone electric machinery and optimized system configuration by right of the entrance, make noise low to 70 much decibel, make the quiet news surveyor's staff with cleaner at present medium industry.

Be worth what carry to remain Yilaikesi most so-called " next generation cleaner " -- trilobite. This price is as high as 27000 multivariate intelligence to sweep cleaner, having Yilaikesi's most proud top technology. It does not need a person completely to hold accuse, want set good program only, it can work automatically, sweep every place of the room. The area that trilobite can give out hurtless ultrasonic to decide whole room and amid cruise. The cruise cleanness line that it uses Z glyph will calculate the area with not clean the rest. The dynamoelectric round brush that it has can clear general rubbish, drossy reach a hair, OK still and cleared more petty small this world.
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