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Beautiful cleaner is main brand product is politic

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Beautiful: Seek kingly way

Regard domain of small home appliance as most outstanding home appliance enterprise, having substantial product line beautifully. 2004, enter cleaner field beautifully, especially after beautiful in April 2005 day cable group buys group of spring flower electric equipment, the ascensive be obvious to all that obtains beautifully in cleaner domain. Although be on market share beautiful still have certain difference with Er of flying benefit riverside, sea, but beautiful group shows about the personage, will adjust beautifully through transition contractible the difference that understands bellwether with the industry.

The beautiful main operation gimmick in the beginning of entering town is with special offer machine, caboodle head sales promotion, many gift is thrown wait for a method to start the market, if this ZW12Z4 breaks through congener cleaner minimum price 258 yuan, the price already explore comes bottom line 238 yuan. The product locates the Er that be the same as the sea is close to quite, low strategy also makes cleaner market is immersed in price war eddy at that time.

Market action:

According to cleaner of beautiful environmental career ministry the product popularizes manager Yu Yang to introduce, passed two years of much price impact, beautiful successful ground stands firm in cleaner market, but if consider farther promotion, must undertake optimizing adjustment to product structure, raise the scale of product of high school high end. He says, at present of beautiful cleaner all valence is controlled in 360 yuan, beautiful plan is in short-term inside the product all valence promotes 400 yuan over.

Yu Yang expresses, it is at present in the market, share 23 ~ beautifully 25 cleaner sale, among them portable cleaner has 3, march the bucket type cleaner of 34 class market has 4, the others all is horizontal cleaner. The beautiful form product this year is in for two price the product of quiet tone series of 700 yuan of above, and the product that brunt extends is " dirt cup " (the bag that do not have dirt) the tornado series of the design. To the uses cleaner field in business advantage position of dragon, yu Yang says, developed of dragon in respect of bucket type cleaner old, market dominant position is clear, but the market space of this domain cannot be ignored, roll out product of 4 buckets formula beautifully, current sale is very pretty good.

The product recommends:

Price controls in 770 yuan, model is QW12T-04J " tornado " series cleaner is the United States 2007 advocate promote a product. This product has 4.5L high capacity not to have dirt bag transparent bucket design and CYCLONE rotate wind technology, use centrifugal type HEPA super filter system, efficient filter dirt. In addition, it still is had prevent pollution effectively 2 times 7 filter again system and configuration of electronic stepless speed regulation.

At present beautiful two price are in 200 multivariate portable cleaner QB60Z7 and QZ40A are right contribution of beautiful product sales volume is very large, plan the quiet tone series that roll out beautifully, noise is low to 78 ~ 79 decibel, try to challenge flying benefit riverside and quiet tone level of Yilaikesi.
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