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Sea Er cleaner is main brand product is politic

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Sea Er: Thick accumulate thin hair

Long-term since, sea Er is the old of domestic cleaner not decline to shoulder a responsibility, however, in recent years the ascendant trend of flying benefit riverside appears hard keep within limits.

According to Zhong Yikang all computation April 2007 is occupied, sea Er is had in retail volume flying benefit riverside is compared merely on rate low 3% . Sea Er cleaner advances ministry minister Qu Guinan to express, the sale of sea Er and flying benefit riverside are at present about the same, there still is certain difference with flying benefit riverside on sale, sea Er plans to be in what realized pair of flying benefit riverside this year in October to exceed instead.

Qu Guinan expresses, as a result of last year of second half of the year a few adjust, among the market sale that sea Er did not use total energy at cleaner, this affected the market share of sea Er on certain level, but this year, each preparation of sea Er has been finished, wait for in force of cleaner market labor hair. He says, sea Er will apply Olympic Games concept adequately to achieve the poor dissimilation sale of cleaner, carry product structure Xiang Zhonggao move, achieve sale grow considerably.

Market action:

Sea Er expresses, 2007, the abidance that holds the market as urban home is flourishing, the low end of cleaner the market is farther atrophic, and in high-end product not only the function is outstanding still can regard as by right of beautiful shell the gift that presents relatives and friends. Current, to cater to the market " cleaner Yue Guiyue is good sell " the current situation, sea Er will promote 500 yuan the average unit price of cleaner, range of products of 700 yuan of above holds the in part of total product measure. In addition, sea Er uses intervening trade cleaner field, roll out 800 yuan of bucket type cleaner of the left and right sides.

Qu Guinan is special mention, sea Er plan rolled out Bao of meal of jug of electromagnetism furnace, electric heat, report at the same time in September this year, water machine, individual nurses things, juicer, fanner / report is warm implement, air purifier / the product of 9 kinds of small home appliance such as humidifier, cleaner ministry also will turn into " ministry of daily expense small home appliance " . He emphasizes saying: "One of reasons that roll out product of 10 kinds of small home appliance at the same time are to cater to structure of the market, perfect product, is to have whole class product to be able to sell in chain thereby get putting the position advantageously in field, if this kind of sheet tastes cleaner,selling otherwise in field too not conspicuous. If this kind of sheet tastes cleaner,selling otherwise in field too not conspicuous..

According to observation, sea Er cleaner has 20 or so in sold model, among them great majority is horizontal cleaner. Price is in 170 ~ 2300 yuan, the ZW1200-223 that the ZW1200-221 that price controls in 480 yuan and price control in 600 yuan becomes sales volume to contribute two the oldest products.
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