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Flew 2007 benefit riverside is popularized energetically " the bag that do not h

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Flying benefit riverside still did not enter business to use cleaner field 2007 (bucket type cleaner) , fixed position of this high-end product figure that is the same as flying benefit riverside is concerned. 2007, flying benefit riverside continues to strengthen sell the collaboration of field with chain, the information that from the country beautiful in-house personage gets makes clear, flying benefit riverside sells to chain of field return benefit to be close to 20% , assured bar position not only, also got interlinking selling of field give aid to actively. Meanwhile, flying benefit riverside increased 23 class markets of pair of home extend plan, but area is centered relatively, the consumptive concept of this and cleaner has very big concern.

Flew 2007 benefit riverside is popularized energetically " the bag that do not have dirt " the horizontal cleaner of the design, the amount that sells on market at present restricts 25 kinds of type inside in the product, the product that designs without dirt bag achieves 6 kinds, make flying benefit a surname the brunt product this year. Flying benefit riverside rolled out two hand-held cleaner newly still, make model of the procurable cleaner that maintain pattern achieves 7 kinds, in addition, flying benefit riverside still has 11 traditions " dirt bag " horizontal cleaner and 2006 heat sells " report is swept happy " product. The product sells price from 300 ~ 3000 yuan, among them, model confuses you twice for FC6408 and FC6402 model cleaner price is controlled in 300 yuan, to flying the sales volume of benefit riverside is contributed very big, and a of only " report is swept happy " product price is controlled in 600 yuan, those who represented cleaner of flying benefit riverside is medium upright product.

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