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Teach you how can choose and buy a the most appropriate cleaner

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In contemporary and fashionable life, everybody cannot leave an appearance cabinet confuse you, the small home appliance of functional diversity. Remove us from today with respect to open up " zone of small home appliance " column, pay close attention to varied interest small home appliance together with everybody.

When undertaking a choose and buy, whether can accord with from capacity of structural appearance, electric machinery and used function use a circumstance actually to choose cleaner norms. To the family, use cleaner with 400 compare to 600 tile appropriate, enough of this kind of cleaner is cleared the dirt of the place such as domestic carpet.

When choosing cleaner, answer to see cleaner case above all. If be plastic cylindrical shell is about to see cylindrical shell have,do not have crack, notice whether the join place between fluctuation cylindrical shell tightens solid even. If be metallic cylindrical shell, see cylindrical shell be touched first, paint is even, it is sealed between fluctuation cylindrical shell wait. After the examination is outside cleaner electrify, electrify hind can have voice suction wind. When holding off cleaner aspiration mouth with the hand, electric machinery noise increases apparently, right now the hand can feel a huge attraction, when removeding the hand, can feel very arduous.

A bit should notice, after cleaner electrify only due the sound of wind, overall sound Yue Xiaoyue is good, do not answer mix into has other cacophony; Some cleaner reclaim of power source device, when choose, be about to pull power supply cord entirely, press next switch receiving a line, see it whether call in power supply cord entirely. Want finally according to check the amount of operation instruction handbook the accessory of cleaner, do not have be short of a phenomenon.

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