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China pinnacle of red moving the glory of the summit LG vacuum cleaners

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April 15, 2010, the National Grid work fine the media, in the sun will be held towards Wangjing nine high-end home appliances in China 2009- 2010 "Red Top Prize" awards ceremony. LG Steam Cleaner Variable Speed V-CE621CAS cyclone topped vacuum cleaner products 2009-2010 "red top prize." With the quality of public life and to enhance the aesthetic level, the level of appliance design evolved from the initial pragmatism is simple and modern, fashionable style, the meaning of home appliances for the home has a simple, functional products from the increase in a home reflects the taste of quality of life and life partner. Aiming at top quality for Chinese consumers LG Electronics home appliances, to develop R & D Innovation in technology, independent research and development of the steam vacuum, cyclone vacuum cleaner and dust compression speed and other high-end technology. The award-winning LG V-CE621CAS steam cleaners, products designed to retain the Korean design simple, smooth, rich color and feel of products, lightweight pulley, washable filters and other products of human design will be used to enhance comfort extreme. This vacuum cleaner has a unique function of the steam cleaning, home cleaning becomes not only fun, to smoke, steam, wiping the synchronization is complete, the more consumers to resolve the floor, carpet in the disinfection and cleaning problems. Vacuum cleaner with a steam function with protection of the family away from the dust, the health care of their families, both thoughtful and practical. Cyclone vacuum cleaner dust cup clean bag design with variable speed, independent of the cyclone chamber to produce a horizontal elliptical cyclone, cyclones will enter the vacuum cleaner using the dust settling to the bottom of the dust cup. This unique design avoids clogging dust and vacuum cleaners, glass damage, extend service life of vacuum cleaners, and dust cup can be washed directly after use, cleaning is also very simple. For consumers, product availability and price is thus embodied in the access to "red top prize" can be said is deserved. The quality of the national grid and the media together to create the "pinnacle of red moving China's" top quality appliances, "Red Top Award", awarded a total of 10 categories of home appliances, LG vacuum cleaner with its stylish, user-friendly design and a strong vacuum cleaner products won the technical advantages of the "red top prize," the only award.
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