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Drive of red accept conspicuous rolls out Thomson bearing of lining of super an

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On January 15, 2008 -- the provider of athletic control solution with banner whole world drive of red accept conspicuous (Danaher Motion) the company announces its Thomson is super ball lining (Thomson Super Ball Bushing® ) bearing has 6 kinds of metric norms, it is 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm respectively. The coefficient of friction of these high accuracy bearing is only 0.001, can allow an user changing specification is adopted when tall attrition sliding bearing the electric machinery with smaller, lower price, leather belt, gear and ball guide screw. Bearing of lining of super and metric ball is in most Thomson North America and Europe but that day or morrow delivers the goods. These bearing suit new applied program very much, also can change its in the program, its the requirement that a variety of norms can satisfy competitive old application process.

Bearing of lining of super and metric ball has Thomson to move heart capacity automatically, can amount to 0.5 degrees most, but automatic and corrective bottom flatness the error that go up or appears. The acceleration of this bearing is as high as 150 M/s2, what linear slideway needs to consider normally need not consider to fall when stable state moves frontal factor can quicken 3m/s, can use at adjustable type leaves in shutting a structure. Double-faced wipe implement can keep clear of bilge, maintain a machine to lubricate, make the moving life of the machine is achieved the biggest change. The aggregate guard ring of deft, wear-resisting and oversheath can decrease inertial, reduce noise.

Linear bearing and Dennis Howe of guide branch general manager express Thomson of drive of red accept conspicuous: "When bearing of lining of Thomson super ball and union of Thomson 60 CaseTM are used, length can increase 27 times, carrying capacity is 3 times of bearing more traditional, the user can use smaller part from this, save space and cost. Thomson carries the innovation of pair of linear bearing all the time, have the experience of more than 60 years that produces high quality product. The history that we believe to innovate and excellent character are met the product with more reliable, more distinctive translate into, the user of bearing of our lining of new-style and super ball will feel this one change. The user of bearing of our lining of new-style and super ball will feel this one change..

About Thomson

Thomson is the business of ball bearing production with banner industry, in motion control innovates and production has experience of more than 60 years on high quality product, basically produce product of 60 crust shafting and relevant sharp movement to control a product. Thomson gives out ball bearing at taking the lead in 1945, by right of its the mechanical movement of impassable controlled plan to establish occupation standard, provide a service for numerous market. Thomson is one of well-known trademarks of drive of red accept conspicuous.

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