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How is wooden floor brushed?

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The mop that is not solid Mudebanye not to allow to use a water pulls a floor board, or brush the ground with buck, suds, lest destroy the burnish of paint surface; If the home is hollow gas is dry, pull cloth but a few wetter or a water is put on central heating or add with humidifier wet, local board face catchs smear to should keep clear of in time carelessly, if have smeary, usable dishcloth dips in a few washing powder swab Wen Shuizhan, if medicaments or dye, must try to keep clear of before like woodiness surface layer in smear end ooze; The floor avoids to be contacted for long with water as far as possible, cannot contact with hot water especially, accordingly, once hot water is scattered on the floor, want to be wiped in time; Avoid area of acerb implements cut, do not throw butt on the floor or set too very hot thing directly, avoid to procrastinate as far as possible move heavy furniture, cut floor. Pull cloth to dip in pigheaded dry spot is brushed after water. This is better way, other have to hit with appropriative dried meat or the machine that wash.

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