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Flannelette sofa how clean?

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Above all, should replace cloth sofa fixed aspiration, if can undertake every week best, the armrest of sofa, back of a chair and aperture also must attend to, usable also of course towel is wiped, but when using cleaner, do not use suck brush, destroy spin cloth to go up in case knit a line and make cloth becomes fleeciness, should avoid to be sucked with especially big attraction more, this action may be brought about knit a line to be pulled, might as well the consideration comes with young dust catcher clean.

Next, use cleaner cleanness sofa one year, but after the event must wash cleaner thoroughly, catch bilge more easily otherwise. As to the choice of cleaner, optional contain anti-fouling the special cleaner of the agent. Agent of sparge of some silicon ketone has dustproof effect, but every month in season.

The cloth of jacket art sofa all can be cleaned commonly. Among them elastic sleeve mights as well in the home washing machine is cleaned, larger cotton cloth or linen jacket can take cleaner's to do sth for sb. Iron a little stretch jacket should noticing when smooth jacket is Yi Gan is avoided iron, although want to iron to also want to consider the exterior of cloth, iron consequently jacket inside is more appropriate. If jacket is cotton,pledge, unfavorable iron very hot.

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