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How does portable computer maintain how to prevent dirt? How to clear dirt

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Notebook computer is basic care and maintenance

Liquid crystal displays screen (LCD Panel)

When * does not use computer for long, the function key that can go up through clavier shows liquid crystal to screen power source is shut only temporarily, besides economic electric power Yi Keyan grows screen life.
* is not built forcibly please liquid crystal displays screen screen upper cover or going up is to place any eyewinkers to reach indication screen in clavier between, avoid upper cover glass to cause in-house component damage because of weigh.
* does not use fingernail and acerb article please (good thing) touch lest,touch screen appearance scratch.
Because of,appearance of indication screen of * liquid crystal is met electrostatic and adsorptive dirt, the proposal buys liquid crystal to show screen is special wipe cloth to come clean your screen, do not pat with finger please lest leave fingerprint,divide, ask light graze mop.
* does not make chemically cleaner wipes screen please.

Batteries (Battery)

* falls when the case that power source accepts outside notting have, the working state at that time does not use if to PCMCIA to insert the card in groove temporarily, the proposal moves card first except use time in order to lengthen batteries.
* room temperature (20-30 is spent) for the working temperature with optimum batteries, the operation environment with exorbitant or too low temperature will reduce the use time of batteries.
* is in below the environment that can provide stabilized power supply when use notebook computer, move batteries except can lengthening batteries to get life is incorrect. With respect to computer of China large notebook character, after be being filled completely when battery electric power, batteries charges mediumly circuit can be shut automatically, won't have produced full phenomenon so.
* proposal is average 3 months have the action with battery corrective electric power.
Adapter of * power source (AC Adapter) when using, referenced international voltage explains "

Clavier (Keyboard)

When * accumulates dirt, usable short-haired pelt is brushed come clean aperture, or it is to use be in commonly the high-pressured jet canister of clean camera camera lens, blow dust, or on use palm model cleaner will keep clear of the dirt on clavier and drossy.
* clean surface, a few cleaner can be touched on soft cloth, closing the circumstance of machine to fall to wipe clavier surface gently.

Hard disk (Hard Disk)

* is used below smooth state as far as possible, avoid to operate the computer in the place of easy rock.
Process of * switch machine is when hard disk is the flimsiest. Right now hard disk bearing have not rotate speed had be notted stabilize, if generation shakes, create bad course easily. Notebook computer moves again after reason suggests to close machine hind to wait to make an appointment with 10 seconds to control.
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