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The cleanness of carpet and maintain

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Carpet feels soft and thick character, be full of flexibility, the foot feels very comfortable, have effect of good heat insolation, sound insulation, colour pattern much appearance is colorful. With carpet adornment bedroom appears warmth, luxuriant, the other data that lay the ground cannot be likened to its decorate the effect, also became the material laying the ground of first selection of bridal chamber bedroom.

Want to make carpet maintains clean, wear well, must carefully clean carpet, maintain proper.

The room of laid carpet, the palm that should set cleared sole silt in the place that take the door is filled up or balata is filled up, inside the room want to close door window in time when nobody, prevent dirt to be taken along with wind, at least nobody make want to close door window in time inside weekly aspiration, room, prevent dirt to be taken along with wind, at least weekly aspiration, sweep carpet, the wool that advancing direction and carpet should notice when aspiration to consistent. With long had better be cleaned with dry-clean agent, the bestrew of carpet dry-clean agent that makes work city is on carpet, brush carpet with the brush then, quiet place sucks clean powder with cleaner after 20-30min, carpet is clean. Be soiled of smeary, acidity material, coffee, tea should not is infected with to wait as far as possible when use carpet, if have pollution,clean in time. When furniture is placed on carpet, the spacer with largish area of best transfer to a lower level, lest form impress. After Ying Qingjie of temporary unused carpet is clean, scatter put insect-resistant powder, had coiled along the direction that grab wool again, deposit at gloomy and cold and dry place.

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